Our Illustrator

!!! The content of this page is still under construction. This information is valid, but needs to be updated. Please bear with us !!!

One of the most fetching things about BaRPiG is our beautiful artwork. We have our dear friend, and incredibly talented illustrator Marie-Jeanne to thank for that! MJ has been doing art work for several projects besides BaRPG and BaRPiG, from company logo designs to communications and marketing. She’s got a great portfolio, a beautiful style, and she likes roller derby!

“Drawing for BaRPiG has been fantastic – I’ve loved developing the characters to match their descriptions, and researching and drawing and inking them – it has brought me so much joy, and I feel almost like I know each one of them. It makes me feel excited about what I draw and the BaRPiG Project!”

You can find more about her amazing work on her facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/mariejeannejacob.art