Translation Cheat Sheets

BARPIG Translation Cheat Sheets

English not your native language? No problemo! Our Translation Cheat Sheets are the perfect companion for non-native English speakers to understand BARPIG.

These are produced by friends and fans of BARPIG, and we are always open to more languages or corrections to current sheets from the community. If you want to help translate into your local language, or tell us about a correction, please email us at

Translation Cheat Sheets

Dutch Translation Cheat Sheet – Nederlandse​ ​Vertaling​ ​Spiekbrief  ~ by Catharina

French Translation Cheat Sheet – Antisèche​ ​en​ ​Français  ~ by Valéry Verstrynge and David Delseray-Pousse

German Translation Cheat Sheet – Deutsch-Übersetzung​ ​ Spickzettel  ~ by Borys, Alian, & Daniel

Russian Translation Cheat Sheet – Русский Перевод Шпаргалка  ~ by Arthur Burgan

Rules Card Translations

French BARPIG Rules Translation  ~ by Valéry Verstrynge and David Delseray-Pousse

Russian BARPIG Rules Translation  ~ by Arthur Burgan