Can I win by using an item?

Absolutely! Winning can be done in any way you and your players agree. We intended you to be able to use the ‘Cloak of Douchebaggery’, or the ‘Elixer of BarTop Spills’, or any combination of items to steal another player’s turn and get that winning level. That’s why it’s important to keep getting items.


Is there any way I can make games take less time?

Absolutely. BARPIG’s mechanics are very rhobust and can be hacked as much as a you like. Likewise, for shorter games simply make the winning level Level 4 or Level 3. This also depends on the group size playing.
Use the table below to adjust the winning level according to your desired average game duration:

 Winning Level 4-5 Players 6-7 Players
Level 3 0:20 – 0:30 0:30 – 0:45
Level 4 0:30 – 0:45 0:45 – 1:00
Level 5 0:45 – 1:00 1:00 – 1:20


Is BARPIG available in other languages?

At this moment it’s not economical for us to print BARPIG in other languages besides English. However, we do have several Language Translation Cheat Sheets you can download, print, and place on the table alongside your game of BARPIG. This is a great reference for first time players to understand the game. You can find our community created Translation Cheat Sheets here.