How to Play BARPIG & Drinking Rules

How to Play | Drinking Rules

How to Play

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Drinking Rules

IMPORTANT: You don’t need booze to have fun with BARPIG! We’ve had just as many laughs sipping a cup of tea or downing a glass of Coke. Therefore, the cardinal rule when playing BARPIG with the Drinking Rules is…

Alchohol Not Included Nor Required

Setup as per a normal game, but without the Bar Tab (placing your Character Card directly on top of the Level Card).
Now is a good time to decide with your fellow players what constitutes as a ‘drink’ (eg: a sip). 

During the Challenge round, whenever you lose Drink points, take that many ‘drinks’ (eg: sips) from your beverage. If you gain Drink points, you get to choose another player to take that many ‘drinks’.

During Market Round, you may buy one item, taking it blindly from the market and then ‘paying’ for it by taking ‘drinks’ from your glass equal to that item’s Drink points value.
There is no recharging during the market round. Recharging is now done by getting another drink once your glass is empty!

Enjoy, stay responsible, and always remember…

Alchohol Not Included Nor Required

How to Play | Drinking Rules