Do you need to drink alchohol to play BaRPG?

Absolutely not! In fact when Phil and Johno were test-playing the game with others, they would frequently have their glass filled with coke or cordial so as not to lose track of what was going on too much!
There’s a reason our ‘Sober Point’ system is called that; it takes the brunt of the ‘pain’ in losing rounds in BaRPG.
So no, you don’t have to drink alchohol to have just as much fun playing BaRPG!

Our group is bigger than 7 players, can we still play?

Sure, but you’ll need to team people up. As a mini-team you’ll activate your character’s power, take and use item cards, lose (and gain) sober points, and level up (and down) as a single player, but will participate in group activities as separate people. Be warned! If one of you makes a mistake, your character will suffer!

Is there any way I can make games take less time?

Absolutely. One of the most powerful items in the pack, the “Spirit of the Vengeful Liver” has the ability to influence game play duration. A typical pack of BaRPG will contain 2 of these items. By removing one, or both (all) of the “Livers” you can make games finish quicker than usual. Use the table below to adjust your item deck according to your desired average game duration:

Desired Game
Number of “Livers” in
the Items deck
1:30 hours and longer 2
0:45 – 1:20 hours 1
Up to 45 minutes 0

Is BaRPG available in other languages?

At this moment it’s not economical for us to print BaRPG in other languages besides English. However, we do have several Language Translation Cheat Sheets you can download, print, and place on the table alongside your game of BaRPG. This is a great reference for first time players to understand the game. You can find our community created Translation Cheat Sheets here.

I’ve heard all about your game and want to buy a pack! Can I?

Yes! We’re in the early stages of developing a new game here, so we’d love to have you try BaRPG out and let us know what you liked, what you disliked, what worked, what didn’t, and most of all we’d love to hear the kind of fun chaos you and your friends enjoyed whilst playing it!
So sure, you can buy a pack from us. Payments are through PayPal.
Just go to ‘Buy a pack’ and fill in the fields, click send, and we’ll send it out to you ASAP.