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In the land of Alcoholia a great danger lurks. Said by the elders to have been “like totally passed” out for 1,000 years, the great dragon Soberia has finally returned! This return threatens to turn Alcoholia into Hangoverdor, a land of waste and ruin! Luckily 10 party dudes/dudettes have banded together to stop Soberia before it’s too late.

They are the heroes of Alcoholia, and this is BaRPG…

BaRPG is the unholy result of a one-night stand between a drinking game and card based RPGs. From the side of RPG, BaRPG has inherited a melange of exciting characters to play, a definitely sexy level system, dice-rolling and booty (Err… I mean epic loot!). From drinking games, it has inherited a series of ridiculous games that will keep you drinking. Though in the end there will be a clear winner, we like to think the true prize is in the friends you will make along the way…

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BaRPG is simple enough for drunks, but fun enough for everyone else.  BaRPG has two goals, only one of which is real. The first goal is to get to level 6. The other goal is to drink, play ridiculous games, and have fun! Which one is the real one? Well, that’s up to you.

jennifer connelly 1
“That’s not fair!”

BaRPG begins each player randomly selecting one out of the 10 available characters, each with a unique power, which is either a “target” spell or group activity. The 10 available characters are (warning puns inbound):

The PaleAleDin: Fighting with faith door-to-door!  

The BrewId: 100% Vegan, Free-Range and Organic!

The ChampagNion: Golden Armour, Golden Pride and Golden Sho…wmanship. *cough*

The GinStrel: Jumping, Jolly and Juvenile!  

BarBarian: Crom…

Dr(M)onk: Our Father of Holy Spirits!

RyeNger: The Sly Sniper!

PintCes: Ready for a Close-Up!

VodKleric:  Probably wearing ill-fitted attire…

GlassAssin: Still listening to Creed...

Next each players announces out-loud their character and power preferably by shouting, “[character name], I choose you!” while spinning their hat backwards. For example The Drmonk’s power is Blessed Artifact and it is described as such: Drmonk chooses a random object in the room which is “blessed.” All players must then touch that object. Last to touch the object takes 1 drink/1 sober point.

Every player is then given one level card, which is placed under the character card. This level card is used to track levels, from 1-6, and sober points, which work like hit points. A player may only take 4 sober points before “blacking out.” If a character blacks out then they must discard all items, choose a different character and restart at level 1. 


Finally, all item cards should be placed in the middle of the group. This is now the market. Each player begins with one free item, any additional items however much be “bought” by drinking their “drink value” as indicated in the corner.   If any cards have immediate effect (like a TRAPpe! card) then they should be resolved before playing.

Players then take turns rolling the dice, whereas the highest roll determines who goes first. However, if the dice roll is not higher than the player’s level, then they fail and must pass the dice to another player of their choice. However, if the player’s roll is higher than their level they immediately go up one level (winner at level 6), and may now activate their power.

After the power is activated and resolved the loser, or targeted player must then takes one drink and lose one sober point. Remember, there are only 4 sober points before you black out, so it’s important to keep track. 

Next is the “market round” where players can choose to buy items from the market. If a player chooses to do so, they much each drink the item’s value as indicated by the card. Items in this game serve two purposes: 1) items can be used to thwart other players by activating them at any time, or 2) they can be saved up, and sold for a level provided their total value equals 9.  Items cannot be used to gain a level and there can only be 6 in your hand. If you have more than 6 cards then one card must be discarded before taking a new one.

After the market round the game continues as normal until a clear winner is found.



BaRPG is a quick and easy card based role-playing game, designed to be played amongst friends whilst drinking together; It can be played as a full night’s quest on a pub crawl, or a fun half hour distraction at someone’s house before hitting the clubs. Morning Brunch gotten dreary? Let your Dr(m)onk bless the scones and enjoy the ensuing chaos. BaRPG is meant to be fun and silly, with basic guiding rules and a gameplay speed determined wholly by the party playing. Our goal here is to make a game that is fun, vindictive, but not necessarily competitive and definitely easy to play.


We hope you enjoy our game,

We look forward to hearing your epic BaRPG stories,

-The BaRPG Team




Our logo is craftily illustrated by the highly talented Marie-Jeanne Jacobs. You can find more of her work at https://www.facebook.com/mariejeannejacob.art

For commissions and inquiries e-mail her at mariejjacob@gmail.com