About the Creators

About the Creators

Phillip “Phil” Melchers

Is the primary writer and co-founder of BaRPG. He is currently just another bro who is totally into being a dude with his boyfriend Jonathan Franklin.  He enjoys chilling, chillaxing, maxing, and playing video games in his underwear or table-top games with people while forcibly clothed. Being born half Dutch and half Canadian, he presently lives in Amsterdam. He also has co-written a novel, and will one day have it published.

Preferred Character: Barbeerian



Jonathan “Johno” Franklin

Is the product designer/computer overlord and the other co-founder of BaRPG. According to Facebook he is currently in a domestic partnership with Phillip Melchers which is legally true.  Born half Dutch, and half Australian, it is by our powers combined that we become CAPTAIN NETHERLANDS, saviour of the lowlands.  He also presently lives in Amsterdam, and refers to Phillip as his “roommate” sometimes as to not offend Ole Miss Granger who hasn’t been the same since her son enlisted for the war. Scratch that, Ole Miss Granger died 50 years ago under mysterious circumstances, and thus is no longer capable of practicing her prejudiced opinions.

Preferred Character: Drrmonk