Translation Cheat Sheets

BARPIG Translation Menus

English not your native language? No problemo! We have PDF Translation CheatSheets available for most languages and most of our games, translations kindly provided by friends and fans.

Feel free to download the menu below and print it out (double sided, A4).

If you want to help translate BARPIG into your language, or tell us about a correction, please email us at

BARPIG Original

  German Original Translation Cheat Sheet – Deutsch-Übersetzung​ ​ Spickzettel  ~ by Borys, Alian, & Daniel

Dutch Original Translation Cheat Sheet – Nederlandse​ ​Vertaling​ ​Spiekbrief  ~ by Catharina 

  French Original Translation Cheat Sheet – Antisèche​ ​en​ ​Français  ~ by Valéry Verstrynge and David Delseray-Pousse

  Italian Original Translation Cheat Sheet – Foglio Riassuntivo dei Personaggi in Italiano ~ by Yuri Avello

  Russian Original Translation Cheat Sheet – Русский Перевод Шпаргалка  ~ by Arthur Burgan

BARPIG After Hours

  German After Hours Translation Menu  Deutsch Spickzettelby Carsten and Carste

  French After Hours Translation Cheat Sheet – Antisèche​ ​en​ ​Français  ~ by Quentin Dehaut

BARPIG The Great Festival

  German Great Festival Translation Cheat Sheet – Deutsch-Übersetzung​ ​ Spickzettel  ~ by Daniel

Rules Card Translations

  French BARPIG Rules Translation  ~ by Valéry Verstrynge and David Delseray-Pousse

  Italian BARPIG Rules Translation ~ by Yuri Avello 

  Russian BARPIG Rules Translation  ~ by Arthur Burgan