All quiet on the Amsterdam front…

wp-1477646678764.jpgWell, not really. It might look that way, but it’s actually been another hectic week behind the scenes. On top of all that, we’re also organising our annual Halloween bash with our friends (you should see the living room right now, oh wait, here’s a picture). It’s something we do every year, and this year it’s going to ring out the last major party from us until our Kickstarter launch next year March.

Yes you read that right, March 2017 is turning from pencil into ink on our calendars. We have plans for the exact dates, but until we’re 100% sure about pegging them down, we’re going to keep those cards close to our chest.

img_20161026_094358It does mean a lot of our work has shifted from BaRPG towards the Kickstarter launch of BaRPG… which will be called something else. If you’ve got a keen eye, you’ll probably have seen the direction we’re heading towards. Don’t worry though, it’s still the same BaRPG game you know and love, only we’ve managed to make it even better! So many changes, we’re so excited about! I wish I could share more here but that would take the thunder out of our Kickstarter launch.

img_20161020_175515Needless to say, if you do wanna know more, come to our events. Like last Thursday at Roest, where our little get together was a fun collection of old and new faces. We had a small enough group to try out the Kickstarter edition, making on the spot changes to the game play rules, the character cards, and even some items. 4 games later, we had something which worked a treat!

I’m busy in the meantime getting in touch with game manufacturers worldwide, gathering quotes, information, and some great advice towards printing 1st ed. We actually met up with 3 of them at Spiel, and that was actually good to talk one on one, bouncing ideas back and forth, better understanding what they can do and them understanding what we’re aiming for. Those guys are working the numbers for us, and with a few already in it’s also up to me as “the numbers guy” (Phil’s quote) to figure out the financials for the Kickstarter campaign.

We’re selling the last 50 packs (soon to be 49) fast as well, and again like we’ve said so many times, those packs are going to be your ticket to a real big ‘THANK YOU” from us when we launch at Kickstarter. We’re working out the finer details to that, but rest assured it’ll be a great deal for the initial 200 supporters of BaRPG.

spellenspektakelAs for upcoming events? We’re stoked to be at Spellenspektakel in Eindhoven on November 12 and 13th. Not only will we have a great chance to show off our game amongst the Indie tables, but they’ve also asked us to introduce the game in their ‘preview bar’, on camera! Very exciting stuff, and I’m sure we’re gonna make one helluva splash in Eindhoven.

So yeah, not really all that quiet. Just not as loud as always 😉

Until then, keep questing you fine drunks!




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