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Imagine if you could embody an adventuring pig with the power to challenge your friends to hilarious showdowns based on creativity, dexterity or even wit. But be warned, those same friends may wield powerful item cards that can turn the tide of the game against you! Combined with a levelling system to keep things competitive and a damage system to make it vindictive, this is BARPIG.

The BARPIG family of games are hilarious competitive card-based party games with social group activities, take-that elements, and a dice to determine turn.

All BARPIG games utilise an unique and addictively fun mechanic that’s both a party game and strategic card-based RPG, taking inspiration from games such as Munchkin, Exploding Kittens, Ring of Fire and Tabletop RPGs.

This mechanic continuously engages players with a diverse set of fun group challenges tht feature high levels of wit and humour where everyone is invited to be creative in their approach, themed around a group of adventuring pigs challenging each other in a medieval tavern. 

Designed as a highly portable game that packs a serious punch on any table, BARPIG is the easy to learn, fun to play, perfect party game for anywhere, with anyone, at anytime.

Oh, and there’s always pigs! 🐷

An excellent party game with all the right ingredients, easily played at any moment

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First player to reach level 5 wins. Each player has set up in front of them a Level card, Bar Tab card, and a Character card. The Level card tracks the player’s current level and sober point (damage system), whilst the Bar Tab tracks the player’s ‘Drinks’ (monetary resource).

Each round all players roll a dice. Whoever rolls the highest gains a level and uses their Character card’s power. This is a fun challenge that involves everyone in a fun and silly activity. Failing the challenge costs one Sober point and a number of Drinks from the Bar Tab. 

In between rounds players can restore Drinks back to their Bar Tab, or gain Item cards. 

These Item cards can be played at any time, and have a myriad of effects from forcing another player to lose resources, stealing a player’s turn, or even cancelling other items. There are 5 “Time to go Home!” cards amongst the items that change player’s characters, and challenges, throughout the game.

The game continues with the next round until someone reaches the winning level.

More detailed information how to play can be found here:

This game will make you break out in song, dance, and most certainly laughter

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Our Games

BARPIG – The Adventure Party Game

Our original hilarious competitive card-based party game with social group activities and take-that elements, and a dice to determine turn.

BARPIG – The Adventure Party Game contains 10 hilarious characters and their challenges, and 12 vindictive item cards… Oh, and there will be Pigs!

Dimensions: 121 x 73 x 32mm / Net weight approx 200g

One pack of BARPIG – The Adventure Party Game contains 64 cards (10 Character cards, 39 Item cards, 7 Bar Tabs, 7 Level Cards, and a Rules card) and 1 six-sided dice, all packaged in a handy portable flip-top box.

MSRP: €19Click here for wholesale pricing

BARPIG: After Hours

Our sequel in the BARPIG games series, that can be played stand-alone or as a modular expansion to the highly successful original game: BARPIG – The Adventure Party Game. 

Taking the competitive card-based party game with hilarious group challenges to the dark side, BARPIG After Hours contains 11 nefarious characters and 14 new and deliciously vindictive item cards in this new fight for piggy supremacy. 

Dimensions: 121 x 73 x 32mm / Net weight approx 200g

BARPIG: After Hours is a stand-alone game that can be combined and/or deck-built with the Original BARPIG game.
One pack of BARPIG: After Hours contains 11 villainous characters and 14 torturous items card types, together in a stack of 72 cards, with a dice, in a portable flip-top box.

MSRP: €19Click here for wholesale pricing

BARPIG: The Great Festival

The Great Festival is the third and final installment to the BARPIG family of games.

The Great Festival brings an extra 9 new Characters with their unique group challenges and a whopping additional 14 new item types to the table. 

Designed as a fully modular expansion that can be combined with either BARPIG – The Adventure Party Game, it’s sequel BARPIG: After Hours, or even both!

Dimensions: 103 x 73 x 26mm / Net weight approx 150g

BARPIG: The Great Festival, is an expansion only. It can be played together with either or both Original BARPIG and BARPIG: After Hours.
One pack of The Great Festival contains 59 cards (9 Character cards, 50 Item cards) all packaged in a handy tab box.

MSRP: €15Click here for wholesale pricing

Customer Demographics

Our demographic information was gathered following our Kickstarter campaigns. Subsequent market place experience shows these demographics to match the majority of our customer demographics.

64% of our customer base is 26-35 years old, whilst 68% of customers are male.

Customer interest in game types showed a majority interest across a spectrum of “Strategic”, “Cooperative”, “Role-playing” and “Party” games

Additionally, our customers show little interest in “Classic” games and “Eurogames”, showing our target audience enjoy novel and new types of games. 

Unique Selling Points

When asked about our 4 unique selling points (a fun Theme, novel Gameplay mechanics, attractive Artwork, and uniquely high level of Social Interaction), our customer indicated an even appeal to all four elements. 

BARPIG successfully achieves customer appeal across all 4 of our unique selling points.

Brand Loyalty

Our customers love our game, as when last asked if they would recommend BARPIG to a friend, we calculated a Net Promoter Score of 46.9

This suggests strong brand loyalty and appreciation.

Purchasing Behaviour

Our customers primarily purchase games Crowdfunding Platforms and Gaming Stores

This supports our target audience that is looking for novel and new games. BARPIG is such a game, allowing retailers an opportunity to supply this market demographic.

This game will makIt’s a fun game, the kind you can throw down on the table with your non-gamer friends and definitely enjoy togethere you break out in song, dance, and most certainly laughter

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Additional Sales Tools

We have an active social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, and engage frequently with our retail partners using out-of-the-box marketing solutions.

Creative and effective campaigns have and can be quickly developed and rolled out together with us.

Additionally, we can also affix holographic “Includes Drinking Rules” stickers to our products, either directing to an online resource or a store’s checkout location.

This greatly improves product visibility in store, and we’ve seen a sharp increase in turnover as a result. 

Stickers and cards are supplied free of charge.

Additionally, we offering our partners a unique sales tool to promote link selling of both original BARPIG and BARPIG After Hours together. 

Called the “Lunch Box”, this latched tin container holds both packs within a flexible foam inset. Response from customers at our current partnets as well as at conventions is always exceedingly enthusiastic.

With the release of our final Expansion, The Great Festival, we also developed an extra storage solution for our customers.

Called the “Lunchbox Insert”, this cardboard printed foldable insert replaces the Lunchbox’s foam insert to provide space for the cards of all 3 games, as well as proving space for extra items such as dice.

During conventions, we notice that this low cost creative solution has provided our customers with an extra sales incentive to upsell to purchasing the lunchbox along with multiple packs of BARPIG, further reinforcing the utility of the Lunchbox.

We are can supply partners our Inserts at very low pricing, and these can also be offered as a giveaway sales incentive.

Very light, easy to play and compact. You’ll enjoy it! Small box that packs a punch!

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Whole Pricing, Sales Channels, & Order Options

We offer competitive wholesale pricing on all our products, allowing for margins starting at 58% with discounts for larger orders and negotiable terms for orders over 30 units.

Orders can be placed with us directly via e-mail or by use of the contact form below.

Or alternatively using our online wholesale agent – which offers free shipping and discounts for first orders.

BARPIG – The Adventure Party Game
& BARPIG: After Hours
Units OrderedWholesale PriceMSRPMargin
21 +€8€1958%
BARPIG: The Great Festival (expansion)
Units OrderedWholesale PriceMSRPMargin
The BARPIG Lunchbox

Containing both BARPIG – The Adventure Party Game & BARPIG: After Hours

Units OrderedWholesale PriceMSRPMargin
21 +€20€3949%