BaRPG Prototype Beta Deck Is Coming Soon!

As I write this Jonathan and I are currently holed up in our Amsterdam apartment on a perfectly cool and sunny day. Accompanying us are two gloriously spicy Caesars (a purely Canadian evolution of a Bloody Mary) that I have expertly made.  Together we are working on BaRPG.  Whereas I am writing this post, Jonathan is beside me busily tweaking the changes suggested during our latest play test.

I can say with confidence that we are almost there, almost ready to print. This weekend, Jonathan went to visit a friend who lives in Tilburg and randomly stumbled upon the original birth place of BaRPG.  This seems like as good of a sign as ever to begin the next stages of our development.


Currently our goal is to have our first 100 decks printed by the end of the month in order to sell them during our road trip (Berlin, Prague, Vienna, and Bratislava) which we will discuss in more detail as we figure it out.  What we will ask for now is that you continue sending us emails/messages to show your interest in our product. We will then make an order list of all people interested in getting a copy. Who knows, maybe we’ll go from printing 100 to 200 copies (then we can definitely pay our illustrator)!  Most likely, the deck will be sold for around 10 Euro + Shipping. Early Bird Special Shout out to “Carlos Rosa,” from New Orleans for sending us an email! It really made us smile.

In the meantime we’re going to be doing some more blind play testing around the Amsterdam area. If you are interested and live near us send us a message and we’ll see if we can meet up. If not, we’re probably going to go back to harassing random tourists on Warmoesstraat.

It’s going to be an exciting month for us, and we’re even more excited to see what happens during our road trip in May.


Till then,

Keep Questing you Fine Drunks,




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