Becoming Gaming Tycoons

t’s been a very busy week for us. Very busy. We’ve gone full swing into touring town and getting BaRPG out there. We’ve attended one event, and signed up for a gaming convention down in Gent on the 26th of June! It’s still a learning curve, but it keeps getting clear where we should be focusing our efforts.

BaRPG continues to sell! Our latest order came all the way from New Zealand! It’s strange, sending a package off to a corner of the world I haven’t seen yet. Part of my Australian genetics forbids it you see ;-). I know we’ll be going there one day, and honestly I can’t wait.

We’ve also got BaRPG stocked in two gaming stores in town as well! Both The Gamekeeper (Hartenstraat 14) and Schaak & Go (Haarlemmerdijk 173) have chosen to give us a go, and we’re very happy to have such good contact with two retailers in our own backyard! We’re eager to see how it goes, and
will be checking in with them in a few weeks.

Meanwhile Phil has been busy stalking tens… hundreds of game reviewers online. We’ve registered a twitter account (yup! @BaRPG_Game), and it’s been incredible how we’ve been building a following and attention for BaRPG in just a few days since! We might even get a review from one blogger very shortly!

Events wise, as mentioned above Phil will be heading down to Gent on the 26th of June to attend the ZomerSpel convention. They’ve got a special area for game developers to showcase their creations, and BaRPG has got a 4 hour slot in which to show off a little mayhem! Our dear friend Lee will be joining him, I’ve got KLM passengers to deliver on four different flights that day (unfortunately??).

We’ve also started to get ourselves onto the Amsterdam event calendar. So far the American Book Center would like to see us join them when they plan a mid-summer gaming event. And we’ve planned our own Tabletop Gaming Night with at Cafe Thijssen next Wednesday, 8th June. The cafe has a cupboard full of games, and we will be bringing a few of our own, but also of-course, BaRPG.

Where do you find all our events? Well, we still need to plug a calendar into the site, but the best place to find all this for now is definitely our Facebook page. When we get a calendar up here, you will be the first to know. Especially if you Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.
Back-end business wise, besides the insane need to start seriously mass-cutting and folding more boxes for the upcoming sales rush, we’ve also been in touchwith a gaming agency based in Vienna; fruits of our labour during our trip. We can’t say much about this at the moment, but they’re a helpful bunch who are interested in helping us get BaRPG actually published! Very exciting stuff, even though reading through an initial contract did give us a bit of a legal-headache!

So that’s it for now. If you’re in town, join our gaming night on the 8th! If you’re near Gent on the 26th, come visit Phil and give him and Lee a hard time down there! And if you’re playing BaRPG this weekend, please take photos and tell us about it! Share your stories with us, cause we love to hear about them!

So until then, keep questing you fine drunks!


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