Alternative Gameplay

BaRPG is designed to be played in a group between 3 and 7 players, using a dice to roll. There are, however, other ways you can switch things up with our game! If you’ve had a few goes at it, why not try these alternative styles of gameplay out?

Sudden Death

All players start with the same glass size of their favourite drink. Keep playing until you glass is empty; if that happens, you’re out of the game. Either first to reach level 6 or last one standing wins!

Beer Pong

Ditch the Dice! Instead get an extra shot glass, and a small 5 eurocent coin (make sure it fits easily into the shot glass). Each round all players try and bounce the coin off the table, into the glass; whoever succeeds, goes up a level, and activates their player’s power.

Shot Lives

Play as per usual, only all players start with a certain number of shot glasses (typically 5). Use the level card only for level ups. If a player has to lose a sober point, they take a shot, lose their character, and take a new one not in play at random.