Inbetween days

Screenshot_2015-08-23-17-22-52The end of our own mini-summer break is nigh. This weekend Phil and I are joining our friends at the LowLands music festival. Biffy Clyro, M83, CHVRCHES, here we come! Did I mention last year we went as dragons?

The lead up to this has mainly seen a lot of behind the scenes work at the BaRPG offices (read, our Amsterdam center apartment). Remember when I mentioned getting a whiteboard? Just remembered we have frosted glass cabinets in the kitchen…

IMG_20160817_231331No disclaimers on the cabinets mind you… It’s only ideas and rough events on the horizon. It just helps to have everything listed, well, somewhere central!

During my past trip I’ve also been full on busy on my laptop, adjusting image sizes and resolutions on the original card designs for the downloadable game. IMG_20160817_231442We’ve coined it ‘Print’n’Play’ for now, but aren’t sure about how fisher-price that sounds… It might stick. The PDF is just about ready, a few more tweaks and it’ll be uploaded with it’s very own page on the website.

Alongside all this, Amsterdam ROEST has asked us to come and join them for their Oktoberfest party on September 17th! We can’t wait, and I’ve got some fun marketing and PR ideas for that already! TonTon club is getting ready to have us join their birthday party on the 7th of September, and there might even be a quick little something on August 29th…maybe…

So much to come, but first…lowlands4-e1349390545959

Until then, keep questing you fine drunks!


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