Lights, Camera, Pigs!

We’ve just put one of our busiest weeks behind us. It’s pretty much a taste for things to come as we head into February. It has been insanely fun though! Talk about Crunch Time!


Let’s start with the weekend. Friday saw BaRPiG being introduced to the Game Freak’s gaming night, where we met George, Glenn, Moses, and Patrick. Best moment was one of our players, Patrick, standing on the table imitating a giraffe. Needless to say he won that round for the Pourceror! Can’t wait till next month’s gaming night.


Saturday we joined the girls and guys at Fun Base Amsterdam. Such an awesome adult playground, we shall definitely be returning! Our first play test with Ali, Jasper, Leslie, Nena, and Nick went so well, when Nick had won, they wanted to give it a second go! We played a further three games and had a great time until late.

Sunday we were back on home turf at Ton Ton Club, where after a round of Star Trek Panic! with some of our friends, I met Donna and Lara, who gave the updates to the Rules Card a whirl. By 6pm it was time to head home and get things ready for Monday and Tuesday’s video shoot.

No rest for the wicked became the fast and hard motto. Monday morning everyone arrived at 9, and after a hearty breakfast, we had the windows covered up in garbage bags, lights switched on, and we could start filming. Script and shot list at hand, our friend and director Matt set himself up in the Kitchen, with Phil and I acting as producer and assistant director. Our friend, and Florence’s boyfriend, Evan proved indispensable with his experience working with film equipment back in Canada.

By the time we broke for Lunch, we had some amazing footage recorded and our cast were really getting into the swing of things. We’re so proud of our friends Florence, Marlena, Arthur, and Stephen. They did a bang up job and it was great to see them have fun with the roles too. It was also an eye opener for myself into how much time it takes to record anything!

Day one wrapped up with the set filling with smoke and everyone shouting and yelling excitedly in costume. Pizza ordered afterwards, we hung out and watched some of Matt’s past film projects. We also checked over the footage of the day, and saw again first hand the brilliant work our cameraman, Adiljo, could do! If you ever need a great cameraman in the Netherlands, he’s your man! We’d gladly share his details with anyone who’d want to know.

Day two was the second half of the Kickstarter promo video, and now the focus was on Phil and I, in our kitchen, board behind us. Time to explain exactly what BaRPiG and where Kickstarter could take us. Although we had written the script ourselves, the hardest bit was memorizing and properly delivering the lines. Practicing whilst Adiljo set up each shot, we finally had most parts down in only a couple of takes.

We had worked out how to keep this explanation part dynamic with loads of different ideas to keep each of us busy whilst the other delivered lines. Looking at the footage afterwards, it worked out beautifully! With fewer shots to make the second day of filming took a lot less time. Still it was a lot of hard work. We ended the evening with Matt recording the Pig’s lines for our video, in his hilarious Scottish accent.

So now the footage has been collated, we’re updating the shot list with take and roll numbers, and sifting through the hour worth of audio from Matt to pick out the best recordings of his lines. We think we’ll have the video done by mid February, naturally we’ll only release it with the launch of our Kickstarter. Maybe we’ll manage an earlier release for you, our loyal BaRPiGs.

This week is going to see another exciting step in our development. We’re releasing the new logo! But that’s for another update.

Until then, keep questing you fine BaRPiGs!

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