Pigs in Progress

Though you may know our happy little oinkers by name, you may not know that each comes with their own personality and story inspired by various European countries.  Here’s your chance to learn a little more about these porky pals:


Power: Witch hunt

Palealedin chooses a monster or villain (eg: witch, thief, etc). All other players then explain why they’re NOT that monster or villain. All players then vote on the worst explanation. Player(s) with most votes loses drinks equal to number of votes against them, and 1 sober point.


Forever checking his watch at the bar, this pig is one of both pride and sensibility. Well, that is until the sangria kicks in. Still plenty of water is key during any night out. His name is Palealdin. A hangover killed his father. Prepare to hydrate. This pigs highest virtue is expressed in trying to get his friends home at a reasonable hour even when they aren’t ready to go.  

Origin: Spain


Power: Blind Backstabbing

All players close their eyes and point to another player or players using both hands. Player(s) (ties included!) with most points against loses drinks equal to number of fingers pointed at them, and 1 sober point.


Sworn into a secret sisterhood, she is a master of both cloak and dagger. They say every rose has its thorns and such is true for this wallflower, but then again, speaking botanically, she’s more of a nightshade. Get close enough to her and she’ll tell you to pick your poison.Though in conversation her wit may be sharp, its the way that she cuts through a crowd that really tends to kill the mood.

Origin: Czech Republic (Hi Dani!) 

Power: Steel Hands

All other players place one hand palm down above the table, with all hands touching each other at the fingertips. Rumrauder counts down from 3, and then all players try to slap the other’s hand. First hand(s) to get slapped lose 1 drink and 1 sober point.


With no flag but his own the notorious Rumrauder sails the seven seas taking anything he can grasp his hoofs on. A true swashbuckler, he describes himself as “Genever in the streets, but rum between the sheets.” Trading the flat land of Holland for the rough sea was no easy decision, nor was it his own. Maybe he should have thought twice before urinating into the emperor’s canal. Oh well, at least pirates get plenty of rum!

Origin: Netherlands

Power: Blessed Artifact

 Drrmunk chooses a random object in the room which is ‘blessed’. All other players must then touch that object. Last to touch the object loses 1 drink and 1 sober point.


There is a saying: bring a pig a beer and he can drink for a night, but teach a pig to brew and he’ll join the monastery. So was the case for this porky priest who was just trying to get closer to that golden good stuff. Though he may be a pig of the faith, this ovine brewster has been known to get a little boarish but never without the interest of praising the piggy lord! Cheers!    

Origin: Belgium

     Power: Spell of Deception

 Weisszard tells 2 truths and 1 lie about him/her-self. All other players must then guess which of the 3 is the lie. Any player(s) who guess incorrectly loses 1 drink and 1 sober point.

Story: As the headmaster of his school, the Weisszard would be one powerful piece of pork if it wasn’t for his old age, which has him often speaking in riddle rather than reason. Is he really THAT senile or is there maybe a larger gimmick at work? Who knows as this pensioned pig has as much mystery as he does comments about today’s youth.

Origin: England

Brewid invents an action (eg: single clap). Player to Brewid’s right then copies action and adds their own, and so on. Player that makes a mistake loses drinks equal to number of actions added and 1 sober point.

Story: Though they say the rolling stone gathers no moss, this roaming roadhog certainly has. Maybe that’s what happens when you spend your time bathing in bogwater and refusing modern invention, like soap or basic personal hygiene. Stench aside, this wise pig knows his way around a forest. Just don’t expect to see him around town as he prefers caverns over taverns.

Origin: Ireland



     More Pigs To Come!



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