Real World Party Game BARPIG Hacks Online RPG Taverns, Including World of Warcraft


Sadly we wouldn’t be able to pull this off (yet…)

Like what we did though? We’ve posted the Full resolution images at the bottom of this article.

We also have the following exciting announcements…

  • BARPIG now Free to play on Tabletopia
  • Join us test-playing upcoming Expansion ideas
  • 25% Discount on everything in our online store!

Dealing with the CoVID-19 situation is a responsibility for each and every one of us. We all need to help our local governments and medical services, and need to continue to #stayhome to keep everyone safe. Here at BARPIG we are dedicated to that important advice.

But we do understand that in these times of social distancing and home isolation, you are missing your “friendly” games of BARPIG with your friends. Well, we have good news for you:

BARPIG is now available to play FOR FREE on Tabletopia!!
All you need is a computer/tablet and a webcam.

Use this link to start playing now:

…and Click Here to check out the rules document for the minor changes that make this possible.

But there’s more!

We at BARPIG also love playing our game, especially with you guys. So we’re going to be planning online game sessions, where you can also play with us and try to beat one of the game creators!
Gaming sessions will be listed in our Facebook events page:

We’ve also started work towards yet another expansion pack, and will be trying these new cards out during selected online gaming sessions. These will also be highlighted appropriately and listed in our events listing.


In these trying times, every little bit helps. That’s why we’ve applied a €5 discount to each and every one of our games in our online store. That’s a 25% discount for the base games!

This way if your friends love BARPIG and can’t wait until they can play it with their friends once the world returns to ‘normality’, they have an excellent deal to get their decks now, so they’re ready to play later.
Like we say, #STAYHOME Now, #PARTY Later!

We’re super excited about the prospects of digitizing BARPIG and the new things we can learn from that, as well as having a new way to keep in touch with you gorgeous fans! Keep safe everyone, WASH YOUR HANDS!!…

…and keep questing you fine BARPIGs!

Oh, and here are the full res images 😉