Ain’t No Rest For The Pigid


You’ll have to forgive us for going under the radar as of late. We’ve both been cursed with a cold and thus, bed ridden as we are, have left it up to our two kobolds to quest for a cure.

Mission Complete +10 xp

In the meantime we’ve been trying our best to keep productive as we work towards crunch time. Though our blog may have missed a week, I assure you we are still trucking on. In fact, I don’t think I have a single fingernail left to chew as I come to realize we’re almost halfway through January. Added to this is the feeling that there is still so much to do. Oh, how does the time fly! Deep breaths, deep breaths…

Production on our KS promo video is well underway. For the first time ever our production team was finally able to meet to begin working on our shot list. We’ve decided to keep comedy on high during the writing of the script, and now it’s about finding the best visual way to tell it!  Here’s a little sneak peak of our work:

We’ve also managed another play test at TonTon Club in the meantime.  We met with Cherouq, Roos, and Jill for a quick game. To quote them directly, “Glassassin is vriendjes politiek,” a play on the Dutch political term for “cronyism.” We had to laugh. Remember folks, this is a social game – every action will be met later with an even more vindictive response.

A Pintcess charming done right!

Also, we’ve got our completed logo from MJ. Though arduous as the process was to get the logo to look just right, we’re happy to say that MJ’s work has really paid off. It’s truly awesome. Now we’ve got her penning out the characters next. Oh please tell me, you guys are as exited to see them as we are. Maybe we’ll start showing some pencil sketches if you ask us real nicely.  We’ll probably do it anyways, but asking nicely is a good manner to keep regardless. That’s right, here at BaRPiG we believe in proper etiquette.

Here is a sneak preview of her work:


Finally, we’d like to thank all of you currently keeping up with our blog and anyone else who supports us on Facebook, Twitter, and everyday life.  We’re hoping on hosting more events for you guys, maybe even some blind play testing, so please keep on keeping up with us.  Either way we’ve got plenty more coming your way, so…


Till Then Keep Questing You Fine BaRPiGS





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