Hollywoo here we come!

Yes, I dropped the ‘d’ for a reason. Homage to one of our favourite animated series, Bojack Horseman. Features a washed out 90s sitcom actor revitalizing his career in a new movie, and really makes good on taking the piss out of the entire phenomenon that’s Hollywood. Our favourite quote of late…

“We’ll fix it in post”.

Not that we will mind you, if I’ve learned anything from these last three weeks it’s that so much of making a movie, or in our case video, really comes down to getting the shot right in the first place! We’re less than a week away from our big shooting days (next week Monday and Tuesday), and with the script and shot lists ready to go, we had our first read through with almost all our cast last night. It was great, and everyone really had fun with their characters. Gotta say I’m very proud of how far we’ve come with this. I’m also once again amazed at Phil’s brilliant writing, as this first act we’re filming is the child of his creation!

Meanwhile the Kickstarter page continues to see further development and refinement. We’re putting in some great visuals, and in the process I’m suddenly starting to see a theme in how we’re presenting BaRPiG, one that I think will work great with our new website when we launch that too… yes, that too is on the massive ‘to do’ list, hopefully before we launch, otherwise live after we launch. Here’s a preview of what it’s starting to look like. Loving sneak previews!

The Logo is going through the last few loops, we’re ironing out kinks in applying it to the new packaging and such. We’ve decided we’re going to release that somewhere around Feb 1st, to make sure we’re 100% happy with it before going live with it. It looks beautiful as I’m sure you’ve gathered from the many sneak previews we’ve given you guys!

Finally we haven’t had many chances to play test since our last TonTon adventure. Things unfortunately have gotten in the way. This weekend sees a change to that in a big way. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we’re booked to show off BaRPiG and refine the card and rules descriptions. I’ve been busy prepping test cards with the new logo specifically for this reason. Check out our calendar on Facebook or our site (yes! That’s new!), and join us if you like – you’ll get to see the new logo up close and personal for yourself!

Exciting weeks to come, we’ll keep you updated whenever we have a moment to breath!

Until then, keep questing you fine BaRPiGs!


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