BaRPiG’s Big Reveal

I’ve got good news, and I’ve got bad news.

packs-in-boxThe good news is that we’ve almost completely sold out of our original run of BaRPG. As of this post, we’re down to less than 20 packs and we still have final retail orders to fulfill before the holidays. The bad news is it’s almost time for us to move on from BaRPG. So if you want a pack of the original 200, it’s going to be first come first serve from here on out. Consider this your final warning. This is your last chance to get a rare piece of our process and also score yourself some benefits for our upcoming Kickstarter.

It’s okay though! With BaRPG having almost run its course, we have successfully finished its campaign. BaRPG was only ever meant as a trial, or rather an experiment and now it is because of BaRPG that we have found ourselves full to the brim with wonderful feedback. Feedback that we collected from you: our wonderful players who we have met along the way.

img_20161106_164419Now after taking in all that feedback, we are prepared to evolve our product once again. What started off as a collection of drunken puns sloppily recorded on a beer soaked notebook will soon find itself in full release via Kickstater. Not as BaRPG, but rather as BaRPiG, the adventure party game (bacon not included nor required). If you are wondering about the name, it’s a parody of how people would most commonly mispronounce BaRPG. We also happen to think pigs are very cute and occasionally delicious.

img_20161112_092952It was at Spellenspektakel at Eindhoven where we first got our chance to show the public BaRPiG in its prototype form. Though we were nervous to see how people would react to the change, we ended up being a huge success. In fact, our table was rarely empty and as the chaos continued, we at one point had people queuing for a chance to play. img_20161112_131740Though we may have only been one small table tucked in the faraway corner, we still were among the loudest and craziest games on the floor. Special shout-out to our table neighbors, Dictators who remained quite tolerant during our occasional disruptions. Oops.

img_20161113_134007By the end of the weekend we had sold more packs than we had brought, leading us to create a “back-log” email list for anyone at Spellenspektakel who was still interested in getting a pack. This by far has been our biggest success yet during any convention, and because of this, I can say that we’ve grown quite proud of the silly little game we created.

img_20161112_154847If you missed your chance to play BaRPiG at Spellenspektakel don’t fret, as we will be hosting more local events before we add the finishing touches to our game. There will also be more reviews coming, such as this review we received from Diana Dumee over at Dumee Gamer.

pig4If you are curious about the changes, BaRPiG itself will be shifting away from the “drinking” game brand, becoming more of an inclusive game for everyone: a party game that anyone can play – sober or drunk! With this comes a new rule that replaces drinking with a resource system called the “bar tab” and some other changes as well including new characters, modified older characters, and illustrations to which our lovely Irish illustrator MJ has been busily working on. Who’s ready to see some cute pigs?

It’ll be an exciting time for us over the next three months as we prepare to launch our Kickstarter. So expect a lot of events and news on our blog and twitter. We’re aiming for March for our Kickstater release, and you can already sign up to receive a one-time only e-mail alert from us when we launch, to snab those great early bird deals – and we’re in the process of thinking up a big party to celebrate this (in Amsterdam). But…

Until then, keep questing you fine bar pigs!




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