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img_20161107_114636It always feels like the ‘quietest’ weeks are actually the busiest! This week was no exception.

We’re gearing up for Spellenspektakel in Eindhoven this coming weekend. We’ve got a whole table for BaRPG, and our lovely assistant and partner in crime Lee-Netia will be coming to assist us as well.
img_20161106_164419It’s a lot of prep; from getting the banners ready again, to creating a little centerpiece for the table that shows the evolution of BaRPG, to reworking the character and item cards for BaRPiG… wait, did I reveal too much? 😉
Well, you guys deserve the sneak previews! Yes, BaRPiG is going to be officially debuted at Spellenspektakel, and this is the latest evolution from BaRPG that we’re going to be bringing to Kickstarter. We’ve registered the URL, we’ve opened a Kickstarter project slot with that name, all the groundwork is laid and steadily being filled in for our March 2017 launch.
img_20161107_153613One of the hardest parts of this process has been the marketing side of things. We want to be honest and forthcoming with our development, our roots. Yet until this week we’ve had trouble explaining what BaRPiG is in relation to BaRPG. This is probably one of the biggest tricks to anyone doing marketing; How do you convey the message, with it’s feeling, to your public?
img_20161107_154802Last Sunday Phil and I bashed it out on our white board. How do we pitch this change, what is the reason we’re doing it, why is this better, and how different is it really? What we came up with in the end makes us both really proud, and we’re going to test it out on the floor this weekend.
img_20161106_161239In many ways we’ve come to terms with the fact that we’ve always known what BaRPiG is, what we wanted from the game and why we developped it in the first place. It never was intended as just another drinking or bar game, it was always meant to be more. And now with our slight rules changes and tweaking of the characters, we finally have a version of our game that actually reflects what we aimed for in the first place. BaRPG was part of that journey.
And don’t worry, BaRPiG is still fully suitable as more than just any other drinking game 😉
So Eindhoven, here we come!
Until then,
Keep questing you fine drunks

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