Blast from the Past

img_20160106_211019Many might not know the full story of BaRPG beyond what we’ve shared on this website. Our steps from initial pub-crawl joke, to continual testing and development with our friends, up until our initial 200 beta pack run of the game has seen us playing hundreds of games of BaRPG now.
img_20160315_001125Getting to this point has been a lot of hard work, but I would be lying if I said developing a drinking game hasn’t been fun. One of those moments was back in the cold dark days of early January this year, when Phil’s best mate Ben and his friend Matt came to visit us as part of their Eurotrip. We took them to Brugge, and whilst playing the night away at St. Christopher’s hostel’s bar (along with now BaRPG-, and our friend Iris who works there), we introduced them to the game. At the time Phil and I were still bumbling along the idea of whether or not we should publish the game. It was after this night when Ben and Matt convinced us that BaRPG deserves to go to Kickstarter.

We don’t remember much from that night. It was Belgium, they have amazing beer. What we did do was take along an old-fashioned disposable camera, which we filled with random shots all through that night.

Guess who got the film developed just this week? Everyone loves photos right? Enjoy….

brugge-photos-18 Cheers!

brugge-photos-17 brugge-photos-15brugge-photos-16 brugge-photos-14 brugge-photos-11brugge-photos-10brugge-photos-08 Drmunk (Ben) ‘blesses’ the dice

brugge-photos-07brugge-photos-05brugge-photos-04brugge-photos-03brugge-photos-02 Phil has to ‘charm’ Ben… 1 hours into game

brugge-photos-01 Ben: “Drink and f***** die”


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