Weisszards, Meadiums, and Quotes

This last week has seen us focusing on the next steps towards Kickstarter, with two main directions in our focus.

packs-in-boxFirst, we’ve been looking up quotes to produce our next edition for Kickstarter, which will be a much larger quantity than our initial 200 packs. We’re thinking somewhere between 3000-5000 to get us started! We’ve got quotes running from several different producers, and are looking at our production options. Bear in mind there are several steps to this; card printing, box manufacture, pack assembly, quality sealing… we haven’t started on fulfillment yet! It’s exciting, and I’m personally glad we’re nailing these details down now.

img_20161001_165136On the other side of things, we’re finally starting to collate the feedback we received from our players. Our thinking caps went back on, and we did something we haven’t done in a long time: thought up (new) characters! It was serious fun, and a lot easier than the first time we endeavored on this adventure. We’ll call that progress, folks!

2016-10-05_10_54_58What we ended up with is a whole list of 7 extra characters to juggle around with. Because of this we’ve decided that our First Edition on Kickstarter will have a slightly different character line-up (2 will be replaced to be precise) and one item card type less. Those other characters and item cards? Those will be offered as a (game changers) expansion pack , which will be one of our first stretch goals for the campaign. Disclaimer; This isn’t final yet, but a very good chance this is the way we’re gonna head.

Needless to say these new characters needed testing. On Saturday we tried some of them out at Brouwerij ‘t Ij and the rest at Sunday’s gaming afternoon at TonTon.  Our new characters worked beautifully, which focus most on group activities, which people seem to prefer.

Curious about the new characters? Best way to find out is to catch us up at one of our upcoming events! Listings are always on our Facebook page.

Meanwhile we continue selling, and with a recent restocking at Waterstones in Amsterdam, we’re down to 69 packs left. YES! We’re selling out fast now!! If you still wanna snab a pack, now’s your last chance for the one and only limited edition Beta’s – and all Beta supporters will be given first access to our Kickstarter along with a big thank you reward in the campaign!

We’re planning up more events, stay tuned for those to be listed shortly!

Until then, keep questing you fine drunks!


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