Game On!

It’s been another busy week in BaRPiG land, and we’ve been doing loads to promote our campaign and keep those numbers climbing towards our goal! I’m writing this in the train on the trip home from yet another great night of demo games in Rotterdam. Phil would’ve loved to be sitting next to me, but he’s been struck down with a nasty cough, and is at home high on codeine and antibiotics. He sends his love to y’all!

This was demo day/night number 2 out of 3. Sunday saw us at the always indelible TonTon club, this time Amsterdam city center. We had two good games there, the first being with the Scots Adam, Anthony, Chris, Frasier, and company. Nursing hangovers on their last day in Amsterdam, nothing was a better cure than a couple of rounds of BaRPiG. Highlight was when Adam had to charm Chris, and with a ‘want a drink?’ got away with it. Dry. Love it.

We then joined up with siblings Oomke and Pieter, with their friend Pauline. Lee had joined in the fun by then, and after a good 30 minutes Pauline took victory, even after deciding not to join the mad dash across TonTon to touch the candle on a table next to the kitchen. Ahhh, Drrmonk, always a great laugh…

Yes, that’s actually art in Rotterdam. Supposed to be Santa by Paul McCarthy

Wednesday night saw me thus heading off to Rotterdam to join the good people at RoTown for their monthly Board Gaming night. Again, chaos ensued. I met up with Lena and Marius from Germany, and we had a fun 3 player game where I eventually won. It did involve cow noises, that’s all I’ll say about that.
I then joined up with Diona, Esra, Janine, and Branco for a game, this time suggesting we finish at level 4 to keep game time short for them. That didn’t happen, the competitive nature meant level 5 became the goal quickly, and after a mad dash to touch Branco whilst he had a smoke outside, as well as some deception by Esra (Weisszard again…), it was Janine who stole victory on a dice roll… backed up with a cloak of douchebaggery card for good measure.

I also had the chance to get stuck in some other fun games the folks at RoTown had lying around, and even got a group of 8 involved in a round of Codenames when they were looking for a good game for a group their size. All in all a fun evening, and again a great night for BaRPiG!

As for future events? Friday will see us at Subcultures Utrecht the whole day, feel free to drop in and try BaRPiG out, have a chat with us, and find out the various fun little secrets behind our little hobby.

After that we’ve got more things planned on the horizon, including a demo day at Friends and Foes in Amsterdam on the 26th, and we’ve got a demo set up at Gamers World Dublin on the 18th. Did I say Dublin? YES I DID! Phil and I are heading over there for St. Paddy’s, and we’re bringing BaRPiG along with us for the Thursday and Saturday. More details on the Thursday to follow soon btw! So, Dubliners, Watch out!

Until then, keep questing you fine BaRPiGs!


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