Past the halfway point

Did you see? We passed the 50% marker! BaRPiG is over halfway to getting funded!

The milestone coincided with our decision to close up the early bird offers. They’ve done their job in both giving our loyal BaRPGers something special, as well as giving our Kickstarter a fantastic start. Our attention is now squarely on reaching our funding goal, and getting you our fantastic backers your pack of BaRPiG ASAP!

We’ve also taken a different approach to our Blogs, since there is just so much going on. Let us know if you like the changes!

Share BaRPiG’s Kickstarter!

With this in mind, please feel free to share BaRPiG’s Kickstarter with your friends! We need to reach our funding goal of €6000 if we want to start production and finally shipping of BaRPiG, and whilst we are doing everything we can, any way you guys can help would be incredibly appreciated!

What’s more, for every 10 backers we get added to our campaign, we’ll release one of MJ’s new Item Card sketches! We’re very excited to share with you these fun items!

You can share BaRPiG’s Kickstarter campaign either through;
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Kickstarter Live Q&A

One of our upcoming events is our live Q&A, aka AMA (Ask Me Anything) tommorow starting at 5pm CET (16:00 GMT, 12:00 EST, 09:00 PST). It’s a little nerve racking, we’re gonna be live on camera for an hour from our very own kitchen (yes, with the board behind us) but we’re looking forward to trying this out and seeing how it helps our campaign. It’s also the chance you guys can ask ANYTHING about BaRPiG, the campaign, the video, our plans, etc etc etc.
You can actually post your questions ahead of time right now at the Kickstarter Live page:



Demo at Subcultures Utrecht

As for promoting BaRPiG on our end, our calendar just keeps on filling up! Last Friday we had our final demo event of the week at Subcultures gaming store in Utrecht. It went amazingly well! We were warming welcomed by Sanne and Rutger who showed us our demo table right next to the entry door. They even gave us a bowl of cookies and nuts for our demo guests! And the store, absolutely beautiful.

What’s more, from the moment I stepped in a customer, Chung-Yin, approached me to ask about the demo; He’d seen it on Subculture’s facebook and was keen to find out more. Within a few minutes Felix had joined us, and we started our first game of BaRPiG. We played two in fact, it was that much fun! Note: Barbeerian powers are brilliant when playing in a game store, read on! My favourite bit of the games was when the Pourceror’s card came up and Chung-Yin choose a Fish as the animal to imitate, Felix outdid me by ‘eating’ the smaller fish. I took my sober points graciously.

Shortly after Alex, Joost, Jorit, and their friends came up to try things out. We had a great game running that saw all of us frantically searching the table and touching the snack bowls and dice for a ‘small, white, round thing’ Alex had blessed as the Drrmonk; it was the slight white-coloured wood mark right under my nose, and I totally missed it.

In total I must have played about 4 games and talked about BaRPiG more than I have done since our Launch event and Spellenspektakel, it was brilliant! By the end of the afternoon when things quieted down fellow Subculture employee Nienke dropped by to see her colleagues, and shortly after joined Sanne and I for a game. As the Barbeerian, I asked them to find objects with which to attack the houses of parliament here in the Netherlands (Elections are coming up over here!). Sanne grabbed a 3 meter LARPing double-edged sword, Nienke thought ‘flyering’ her way into the ‘Binnenhof’ was the way to go given the current security climate. I gave the win to the double-edged sword, that was just legendary.

It was a great afternoon, our massive thanks again to Subcultures, we hope we can come back again soon, hopefully this month even again. If we manage to find a date, you’ll hear about it first on our Facebook!

We’re hoping to hear from you guys, and can’t wait to answer your questions live and on the spot!

Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

It’s almost upon us! We’re gonna be printing our boarding cards today actually, and Thursday morning BaRPiG sets off to the emerald isle! We’re super duper stoked about this, and are still finalising demo locations for the Thursday afternoon; expect us to be hounding the pubs! Friday is for us – it’s Phil and my anniversary, two years together since an Irish lesbian called us “boyfriends” (true story!), and it kinda stuck =)

Saturday the 18th however is back to BaRPiG mode, and we’ll be demoing at Gamer’s World in Dublin (Details on our Facebook event). Later in the afternoon we’re driving down to Waterford to visit none other than our most amazing, beautiful, talented, and uber-sweet artist and friend Marie-Jeanne (MJ)! We’ll be looking over her finishing touches on the Item illustrations (so keen to show those off) before we most likely will head off somewhere to enjoy a few pints of the black stuff, most likely whilst getting stuck into a game of BaRPiG. Did you see her art page btw? It’s taken over by BaRPiG!

We’re back on Sunday, and on to our next week of busy events and Kickstarter promotion. On to our €6000 goal!!!

Until then, keep questing you fine BaRPiGs!


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