Lesson 724: Event Planning and Management

We’ve both said this several times before, one of the most fun things in making BaRPG has been the incredible learning curve in game creation, development, and marketing. This week feels like yet another step into the deep n dirty world of marketing.

Things have not been sitting still in the world of BaRPG. Johno has managed to get in touch with a fun gaming community in Amsterdam, and during one of their Sunday get-togethers had a dry round with a couple of hard core gamers there. Not the best way to play BaRPG, but again the game stands up to it’s own. The next time we get a chance to hang out with that crowd again, we’ll make sure they’ll be drinks on the table. More on that shortly.

We’ve also got a deal with the American Book Center in Amsterdam (www.abc.nl), and they too now stock BaRPG for sale!

Phil is getting ready for his whirlwind weekend in Brugge and Gent. The plan is to get back in touch with St. Christopher’s hostel in Brugge to talk to them, show the game around, and then hit our very first gaming expo, Zomerspel (www.zomerspel.be) in Gent on Sunday. Our dear amazingly brilliant South African friend, Lee, will be helping him out (Work has got me chained up from helping out this time round).

And alongside all this we’re gearing up some of our own events to put on the calendar. We’re plotting a date down with Subcultures game shop in Utrecht, to join in their weekly Wednesday get together in Cafe Kopi Susu. Amsterdam Roest (down the street from us) will gracefully host a BaRPG night, penned in for Tuesday the 5th of July. And the boys at Rules of Play gameshop in Cardiff are happy to have us at their amazing Board Game night in the Urban Tap House. We’ll be selling packs at all events as well.

All events are up on our Facebook calendar (www.facebook.com/Barpgdrinkinggame/events).

What else have we been up to? Well, we now have two official Promo banners for BaRPG! MJ’s drawing looks absolutely beautiful at large scale. We got them to help out at Zomerspel, but will obviously use them at the coming events as well, so you’ll be able to find us easier! Next to that we’ve had a couple of fun rounds of BaRPG in the meantime. It seems like an eternity ago that Johno was part of the 7 player storm during the couch surfers meetup at Cafe Thijssen, which was an epic 3:30 hour game. He’s also been playing with work colleagues lately, the most recent example whilst waiting for the inbound aircraft at Cardiff saw one of his colleagues choose the giant red dragon statue in the terminal with which to seige a castle. She then described how she would ride it in and destroy the castle gates, Kalessi style. Epic. She won.

It’s been busy. It’s getting busier. We’re busy cutting and sticking ever more boxes. We’re receiving ever more orders from across the globe. We’re also pondering more and more what the best direction will be once we’ve gone through our initial 200 packs. It’s exciting and scary, kinda like those moments when you start free falling when sky diving (not that I really know what that’s like, I don’t really see the point in jumping out of the fully functional aircraft).

Expect an update from Sunday’s Zomerspel next!

Until then,
Keep questing you fine drunks


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