So this wasn’t what we expected…

This wasn’t supposed to be the blog post you’d expect right about now. It’s been just about a week since we ‘premiered’ BaRPG at Zomerspel, which was a smashing success! Phil did all the leg work there with our dearest friend Lee (Johno had to jet another planeload of peeps across the skies above Europe), and really he should be telling us all about their adventures…

but Phil is down for the count. We’ve both been hit with a nasty stomach bug. I got the brunt of it about a week ago, and low and behold Phil’s been hit now too, hard.

He’s got some great stories and amazing pictures from Zomerspel however (shout out to the Deerlord and Dictator guys!), and I don’t wanna steal that thunder from him. Our next blog will be his, all about Zomerspel.

So what’s been happening since? We’ve been selling a couple more packs through online sales, mainly again to the US. One of our customers even gave us a little insight into how he found out about BaRPG, which was revealing and insightful towards our marketing campaign.

In the meantime event planning continues. We’ve got a great thing going with Ton Ton club in Amsterdam, basically a great mix of a 80’s style arcade and gaming cafe/restuarant all in one. They’ve now got two copies of BaRPG to lend customers. The last pack they had
played with was so successful, someone decided to take it home! We’re loving those kinds of stories, naturally not because we endorse theft or that loss to Ton Ton club, but more because it shows us people really like the game! Enough to steal it! How’s that for success?!

Our gaming night in Cardif draws nearer too, and Phil and I both have a feeling that’s gonna be a turning point for us into the UK market. And a recent stopover to visit friends in Brussels brought our attention to the Brussels Games Festival over there, something we’re now also working towards getting up on the calendar.

First things first, next Tuesday it’s Amsterdam Roest and our very first, all ours, just ours, gaming night. I’m looking forward to it and after this post I’m gonna be a social media spammer in getting it up into the searchlights. So, once again, Zomerspel review is coming… just gotta nurse my babe back to health.

Until then, keep questing you fine drunks!


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