Our Game in Spartan Numbers…Minus 100.

Well its official everybody. As of yesterday we prepared our game, trimmed its margins, and dressed it up in PDF before proudly sending it off to the printers.  Johno and I are happy to report that our little passion project of almost 1 year is almost ready for the world! We predict that sometime after this weekend we will officially own the first 200 copies of our game. Now all that remains is getting the deck boxes printed and then we are ready for business!


First of all, we appreciate everyone’s patience with our game.  If it’s any consolidation, I can report that Johno has been full-on android mode over these past few days in trying to get this project finished. As stated before, there was a problem with our cards margins and while Johno went into overtime to fix this, I began to witness less our usual relationship and more a terrible self-insert fan-fiction that a younger me may have written about Lt. Data. As a fan of Star Trek, I can hardly complain. *Ahem* Fully functional” and anatomically correct…Am I right?

As for me, I have been busy doing the final edits on all of our cards. Though I can say that as a writer I have obviously done my fair share of editing, there’s something about editing a game that feels a bit twisted. Does it have to be grammatically correct?  Well like anything written, most of the time, yes. But though grammar is important, it is not as important as keeping the cards easily understandable and condensed. We’ve often commented on how writing rules is like trying to program a human. When making a game, you got to make your terminology strict and presentation simple. Too many variables and suddenly one person is reading a card entirely different than the other.


On that note, maybe that’s how the robot uprising starts. Here’s an idea for a novel: Battlefield Robot. Headline: It was a game of life, but the robots didn’t understand the rules. If only Asimov was still alive…

Whatever happens what’s done is done. The money has been spent. We can only move forward from here.  For now all we can do is bite our nails and hope that everything goes smoothly at the printers. Here’s to hoping that no major typos cross us, and that all the margins turn out perfect. If all goes to plan, then our product should be ready by May 2016.


Till then, Keep Questing You Fine Drunks.


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