Guess what came in the mail today…

Just a quick blog post…

Though we’re actually not at home at the moment, we’re in Spain visiting parents/in-laws, as fate has it, this morning our package from the printer arrived.

Fortunately we have some amazing neighbors who are holding our package until we get home.

From the moment we got the message, we were elated, nervous, and super super curious about the cards. Most importantly however, we anxiously needed a measurement so we could finish work on the final box design! Luckily our neighbor checked this for us, and shared the following snaps of our little baby.


So we’re all aware that SO MANY OF YOU keep asking us, “WHEN CAN WE GET A COPY?!?!” Well we’re sorry to have to troll you with this again, but seriously NOT YET!!! We need to make the boxes, get the website URL up there, as well as tie some final legal/business knots on this end. So, to kinda quote a certain card…

Least vengeful dainty hand ever though, believe me!

We’re working hard peeps! Boxes are next, alongside some final biz-mumbo-jumbo. But as for how the cards are looking, we’re superty-duperty-pysched!

More updates to come soon!

Until then, keep questing you fine drunks!


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