Pintcess in Dutch is the ‘Vaas-prinsesje’

…But not literally, not yet. We haven’t translated the character or item names, but what do have now is…

(drum roll)

BaRPG’s First Translation Cheat Sheet! Our initial version is in Dutch, which makes sense. We’re based in Amsterdam, and often while demo-ing the game to the Dutchies, we find we need to explain a few things on the cards now and then. We’ve always felt a cheat-sheet would be the best way to help our players out, something they could print out and take along with them.

So, after a long evening of wine, giggles, and translation conundrums, our lovely neighbour Margreet (‘buurvrouw’, translated directly into ‘neighbour-wife’) and I finally had version 1.0 of the very first Translation Cheat Sheet ready!

We hope more will come, but that really depends on our growing community of BaRPGers. So, are you any good at translating English into your native tongue and wanna give us a hand? Send us an e-mail ( and we’ll direct you to a master translation sheet on google drive to hack away at.

We’ve already put the Dutch sheet to the test, and with another sale at Brouwerij ‘t Ij (our local, a windmill micro brewery… yes we’re blessed!) the translation sheet officially/unofficially saw the light of day. We’re going to be testing it a lot more this weekend both on Saturday with a last minute appearance at the Bier Fabriek (more to come shortly on our Facebook page) and our upcoming gaming afternoon at TonTon club this Sunday. If you’re in town, come round and check us out. We’re gonna also be testing a new character!

Did I give that away? 😉

Until then, keep questing you fine drunks!


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