Post Vienna Update

We began our adventures in Vienna at The Travel Shack, a place that was recommended to us by Isaac from the Clock Tower Pub Crawl in Prague and coincidentally the work place of a friend and previous play tester, James. For us, it seemed that all roads lead to The Travel Shack, and rightfully so, as Frans, the bar owner, was kind enough to immediately buy 5 decks from us before leaving for an AC/DC concert later that night.

Before the bar got too busy, we began the night with a few rounds of BaRPG with James and his work colleagues. What started as a quick 4 player game grew to a 7 player full hour mayhem fest. The bar picked up quickly after that and soon we found ourselves surrounded by a full out party. I wont spoil anything but trust me, The Travel Shack isn’t as small as it seems (it’s full of pleasant surprises). One of which, as I experienced, was a true slap to the face. If your confused by that previous statement then I recommend you go there and order a “Chuck Norris” from the bar.


I’m not sure at what time we eventually got to bed. There was something that night about grilled sausage and an older Austrian man, who I remember as being nice, but without any idea as to why. That being said, the next morning was rough for us and so we spent most of the day on foot exploring beautiful Vienna before eventually passing out in a park.

Once we were done with our nap it became time to start showcasing BaRPG again. First we played a game with our friend Dani who was visiting us from the Czech Republic. After that, we brought the game to Brot & Spiel: a gaming cafe and bar. It is here that we met the bartender, Andreas, who happened to also work for a company that helps game developers meet publishers. What surmounted from this little surprise was an overall positive experience that resulted in a sharing of business cards, a purchase of a deck, and a sincere promise to keep in touch.

We ended the night with Sushi, followed later by some rounds of BaRPG in some bar on the Donau Canal (Or as Phil likes to pronounce it: Durum Canal).


Currently we are on the road back to Germany, this time headed to Munich. This will be our last stop during our trip before Johno and I make the long haul back to Amsterdam. Already in the distance I can see the famous Alps. In seeing them, I can’t help but feel excited as we drive on, closer and closer to the mountains…Closer and closer to the end of our journey.

Till Then Keep Questing You Fine Drunks,

-Phil and Johno

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