Quick Update From The Road

I would never think that I would ever know what it’s like to feel like a kind of underground style, dingy pub to dive bar, rocking-late-in-the-night rockster. But as we came in from Berlin, feeling exhausted from our less than stellar time there, Prague would give ourselves an adventure comparable to the earlier trial years of The Who, Rolling Stones, and perhaps even The Beatles. Yes, even they had to start somewhere…


It started with a chance encounter with a random arcade bar located somewhere in a dirty cellar beneath Prague. We were attracted to the place when my eye happened to see it advertised as a game bar. The place ended up being more arcade than tabletop, and was still quiet before peak hours. However, of the few other patrons there, all who crowded a foosball table, we ran into Gino, who happened to be part of a pub crawl (Clock Tower Pub Crawl). After discussing BaRPG, Gino kindly offered us the opportunity to later introduce us to his boss: Isaac.

I’m hesitant to describe what exactly Isaac was like at the chance that he may end up reading this blog post. What I’ll say, in a few words, is that he definitely was The Boss: cooler than cool, a witty quipster who would best be played by a slightly more charismatic Jeff Bridges.

The pub crawl he ran was headquartered deep inside an old, deeply subterranean Wine Cellar, similar to most bars in Prague. Surrounded by old, moist stones, this borough contained a number of handmade bars, each constructed from pallet wood boards. The place reminded me of images of punk bars from the golden years, minus the masses of screaming youth…that would come later. It is here that we would be given a venue for the night. I have to admit that it’s grimey appeal and broken aesthetic presented all the right vibes for a great adventure.


After taking some time to explore Prague, we returned the next evening and began setting up. Eagerly we awaited for the first round of Pub Crawlers, in this case, a group of German students. As friendly and engaging as these students were, ultimately language was a challenge. Still, we managed to play several rounds of BaRPG, enough to show them what we were about.  Ultimately, the reaction to the game was positive.

During that night, we managed to sell 2 packs. We have gained some great exposure and met a valuable asset towards BaRPG’s future goals.  I imagine a close future between Clock Tower Pub Crawl and BaRPG.
Now we are in Vienna, after just having visited Bratislava. For the night we will be set up at Travel Shack under Isaac’s recommendation. It looks like it’s going to be another wild night…

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