Pre-Order BaRPG!!!

It’s always scary taking that first giant leap into something new. For Phil and I, this is going to be our first leap into game creation, marketing, and sales. Designing the game, box, setting up a website, getting everything together is just actually the back-stage work for the main event. This morning, we decided it’s time for that event.

We’re finalizing the box orders as I type, and as so many of you have been asking us “WHEN CAN WE FINALLY BUY A COPY”… well, here’s your chance.

We’re taking pre-orders for BaRPG!!!!

Visit the Pre-Order page, enter your details (at this time, no purchase necessary), and we’ll put you in a list of First Recipients for BaRPG. Bear in mind the postage fees specified on our Pre-Order page. We’re working to reduce these, so these will be worst-case costs.

Once we have the games boxed up and ready to ship, we’ll e-mail you the payment details (via PayPal), confirm your address, and get your copy of BaRPG your way ASAP!

Once again this is our first Beta version of the game. We’d love to hear your feedback, likes and dislikes, and most of all what kind of fun chaos happened when you were playing with your friends! Send us photos, share your stories. We can then take this with us for the next, fully commercial version of BaRPG, which we hope to release by the end of this year.

We’ll also send you a couple of our business cards with the pack. Give them to your friends you play BaRPG with, so that they can also get their hands on a copy of the game!

Until then, Keep Questing you fine drunks!


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