Servus Pretty Pink Pintcess!

img_20160917_134054As some of you have already seen our Twitter and Facebook posts, for our latest event at Roest (Amsterdam) for their Oktoberfest celebrations I managed to score a couple of costumes. For Phil, he was the Barbarian, For I, the Pintcess. I’m going to level with you, this isn’t the first time I’ve worn a dress – the only difference is this time I did it for comedy.

img_20160917_134020We kicked off at 1pm, and after a quick photo shoot with some of the ROEST waitresses (done up like Bavarian Beer servers – 1 litre beers and all), we headed into the outdoors area of Roest, where we found our first group of eager players. For this first round, we saw the longest Drmunk dash ever to date, 150 meters across a city beach to an obsolete blue shipping crane – a relic of Amsterdam’s industrial past. Quote of that game was Michael shouting “Yeah bitches you like that?” Just goes to show you, in our game, revenge is a dish best served intoxicated.

img_20160917_141607Inside was a party too loud to play, so we stayed outdoors for the afternoon, playing another 4 games. We saw hilarious Brewid chains, witnessed some class act Pintcess charming (best one goes to Paul, who was royally rejected. Caught that one on video, watch this space!), and voted on dozens of Witches. All the while the beer mugs kept draining.

img_20160917_184907The costumes were successful in grabbing attention. We had augmented them with BaRPG which grabbed some notice during the final hours of the evening when playtime made way for dancing. Continually we were asked about this ‘adventure drinking game’ by people passing by. Turns out guys dressed as Subway sandwiches does bring home the bread!

img_20160917_193604Our next big event is at TonTon Club on Sunday October 2nd. We’re going to be in costumes again, hopefully along with translation cheat sheets for the Dutch, and with plenty of BaRPG posters and taglines.

On the ‘business’ side of things? We’re down to our last 80 packs, and they’re selling fast! So if you want one of the original Beta packs of BaRPG (and these are, and will always be, one of a kind), now’s the time to order them!

We’ve also got an formal announcement coming up this week regarding gameplay, so once again, watch this space!

Until then, keep questing you fine drunks,




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