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First of all, we have three upcoming events to interest you. First, this Saturday we will be at Roest in Amsterdam as part of their Oktoberfest. For any Amsterdamers reading this, look for the two/maybe three people in costume, because YES! we have costumes now. After that, on October 2nd we will be at TonTon west, as part of their After Birthday Hangover celebration. Finally, we’ve been invited by our good friends from Black Box Adventures to attend the release party of Revenge of the Dictators. 

Anyways, moving on…

Well it’s official. We’ve leveled up as marketeers.  Like most, we started BaRPG at level  1, novice, our only charm, a door to door, or rather, table to table technique as we roamed around Europe in hopes of developing interest in our game. This brought us to level 2, adept, as we sold our product to retailers and began discovering venues to host events. Finally, bing-bing-bing! we’ve grown to level 3, sort of more adept, as we roam towards the Mountains of Social-Media Marketeering.  Though our stats seem right for the job, it doesn’t stop this particular part of the AD-venture from being any more imposing.


For this endeavor our playground has been North America, the continent most receptive towards our game so far (looking at you Europe/UK!).  After releasing a set of image-based ads on Facebook, we even started getting some responses, so much so that it inspired us to make our first full video commercial.  Sadly the commercial wasn’t as successful at grabbing new attention as we had hoped and instead worked well with people who had already visited our page.  Despite these results, I think we’re still more stoked in having made an actual commercial. Like, for us, that’s pretty damn cool.  We’re feeling more professional by the day!

Despite the arduous appearance of the Mountains of Social Media Marketeering, I think we’re making our way just fine. However these mountains must be taken slow as patience is our most effective tool for learning. Here’s to hoping that we find the best possible route, after all our whiteboard only has so much room.

Finally, though a little off topic, Phil has managed to have his short story, “One In Nine” published by The Writer’s Arena.  The story is available here and its judgment can be read here. Not really related to BaRPG but hey, show him some love anyway.

We’re very excited to be moving towards our next goal. In which we say Kickstarter certainly seems like a viable target.


Till then Keep Questing You Fine Drunks,

Phil & Johno

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