Summary of Open House Livestream #11

Here is a summary of Open House Livestream #11 broadcast on 29th June, 2017. You can see the video again on our Youtube Channel: (Video is embedded below).

1. New Logo is now released and revealed on all our channels

  • We’ve uploaded the updated logo to all our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram).
  • The website has also been given an overhaul, so that’s now fully in the new theme of BARPIG.

2. Upcoming mini-vacation in Spain

  • We’ve planned a trip to Madrid and Valencia many months ago, and decided since it’s hard with our free time to move things around, we’d keep it there as a welcome break for us, and do the launch when we’re back.
  • So for the Friday through to Sunday we’re going to be in Madrid for World Pride, and will be in minimal contact. After that we’re in Valencia Monday through to Wednesday, and will be busy working on BARPIG again with our laptops and hotel wifi connections.

3. Character Releases continue

  • We’ve got another 4 character releases to go. 3 more next week, of which there is the Drrmonk, Pourceror, and Glassassin – and now Johno has given away the release for Friday, which honestly character wise is fitting for our trip 😉

4. Videos uploaded to YouTube

  • Our Youtube channel has now got the updated promo video on it, and we’ll be changing it’s status from unlisted to public once we launch.
  • The gameplay explanation video is also now final and uploaded to Youtube, and you can check out Phil’s amazing radio voice. As well as his trouble saying the word ‘inevitably’.

5. Final edit of Cards and Production Schedules

  • We’re receiving the final edits of the cards from Frederick tommorow to finalise any changes before we can send them in for production.
  • We’re also finalising our agreement with our producer, and once that’s in we can start looking at proofing requirements for the cards and looking towards the upcoming production schedule.

6. Upcoming Livestreams

7. Whilst we are in Spain…

  • We will be showing off our happy little Pigs on Snapchat (
  • It was teased in the video, the theme will be “PIGS IN SPAIN!!!” – reminiscent of the Muppets 😉

Next week we’ll be launching! So stay tuned and…

Until then, keep questing you fine BaRPiGs

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