Summary of Open house Livestream #10

Here is a summary of Open House Livestream #10 broadcast on 22nd June, 2017. You can see the video again on our Youtube Channel: (Video is embedded below).

1. Phil’s Missing Beard

  • Yes, Phil is beardless! But there’s good reason for this. Two weekends ago he attended a drag show event with friends in Amsterdam, and decided to dress up for the occasion. Phil didn’t attend, in his place we saw Sally Con Valley.
  • So yes, the only way to get glitter out of a beard is to shave it. Unless you have a secret solution, if so PLEASE tell us!

2. Zomerspel Recap

  • Zomerspel was a great success! Phil and Arthur played over 8 games non stop during the whole day, and garnered a lot of positive attention.
  • Everyone reacted very positively to the new artwork and cards. Everyone got a sneak preview of the new character drawings.

3. Launch Date is official! 6th July 2017 at 17:30CET

  • You heard it! We’re launching on Thursday July 6th. We’ve sent out the initial e-mail regarding this with loads of insights in to the upcoming campaign’s special features and bonuses. One of these is also listed further down in this campaign.
  • If you haven’t signed up for the Kickstarter alert yet, do it! This will make sure you get to know about our launch first, and grants you early access to those limited Early Bird deals at €9!

4. Daily preview of the new Characters with their lore on Facebook coming 2 weeks

  • We’re so proud of all the new artwork, that we’re going to share each character every weekday between now and the launch date. So starting Friday June 23rd you’ll get to see the new Barbeerian, along with his lore!
  • Want to see the actual cards? Be sure to attend our events! Check our facebook page for all those details:
  • If you want to see what of our 9 characters sooner than later, let us know! We’ll make sure we post that character next then. Your choices after the Barbeerian are the Pintcess, Pourceror, Brewid, Drrmonk, Palealedin, Weisszard, Rumrauder, and Glassassin.

5. Social Stretch Goal plans, Share for a Dare

  • As part of this new campaign, we’re going to do something special for our Social Stretch Goals. Every time we reach our goal, we’ll give you guys the chance to get us to play one of BaRPiGs hilarious games in a very public space! Things like racing for the Drrmonk’s blessed object at Dam Square, or playing the Pintcess by charming a random stranger at Amsterdam Central Station. And we’ll be filming all the crazy results. More details will follow nearer the campaign, but we already know this will be a lot of fun!
  • Let us know what you think about this, and if you’d like to participate in one of the dares! The more the merrier!

6. Artbook as part of the new Campaign rewards

  • We’ve also been given a great idea by our artist. He always makes an artbook for his clients at the end of his commission as a special gift, but for us he’s keen to know if this would be a nice idea for our backers as well. We think so, but it really comes down to you guys.
  • Would you like an art book that covers the story of BaRPiG, it’s original art by MJ, as well as never before seen sketches and the final art done by Frederick? We have a poll on our Facebook:  And you can also just let us know via email (, Twitter, Facebook, or even carrier pigeon.

7. Gameplay Explanation Video final draft online

  • We’ve updated the Gameplay Explanation video, and will be recording the voice-over shortly to add to it. This is your last chance to let us know what you think, give us any feedback if something sticks out or you don’t like something in the video.
  • The final Gameplay Explanation video will feature in the new Campaign page, and be uploaded most likely next week.
  • Here’s the link to view it. Comments on the video itself are more than welcome:

Next week will be our last Livestream before we launch, and we’ll keep streaming during our campaign!

Until then, keep questing you fine BaRPiGs

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