Summary of Open House Livestream #5

Here’s a summary of our 5th Open House Livestream, broadcast on 4th May, 2017. You can see the video again on our YouTube channel:
(Video is embedded below).

Johno was stuck at work, so he couldn’t make it on time. Also, apologies for the bad lighting, had to use an alternate filming device (Phil’s laptop). Happy May the Fourth (be with you, Star Wars Day and Dutch WWII Remembrance Day).

Also shout out to Black Box Adventures, friends of ours, launching their next Kickstarter “Frutti di Mare” this Tuesday May 9th – check out their site for details!

1. We have a visual designer!

  • We have officially contracted Frederick van de Bunt, designer of Revenge of the Dictators.
  • We feel best in taking him on board. He has a lot of experience creating visuals for other games, we have met him several times before, he’s passionate about our game, and is already attached to our project already.
  • We met Frederick earlier this week, and went over some sketches he’s made for us already, as well as a prototype for a new logo, and the overall binding element to the pig theme he has envisioned for BaRPiG.
  • MJ’s ideas and concepts will now be evolved into a solid, complete whole design for the game. We went through all the characters and item sketches from MJ, and discussed the brief for each with Frederick.
  • We’re really happy to have him onboard, and are looking forward to what he can deliver.

2. BaRPiG’s ‘Tavern’ Theme

  • One thing we talked about with Frederick, which rings true from what Robin and Paul spoke to us about (creators of Gang Up!), is our concept still lacked something cohesive which sells the game, ties everything together. Basically a theme.
  • We’ve also received questions from people asking what’s the lore behind BaRPiG. We know every character has it’s own story. But who are these pigs? What do they repressent, what are their stories? Great questions, good point, because it points again to the bigger question – what’s the theme?
  • We’ve felt having something of a bar theme in our game would be fun, even joking if we ever go to a convention we could dress our stand up like a tavern.
  • Frederick actually came up with the same idea. He envisioned ‘Barpig’ being the name of a tavern, where all the fairy tale pigs come from all over the kingdom to share stories and challenge each other. It’s a bit of 3 little pigs meets Shrek in it’s adult humour fantasy elements.
  • This translate firstly in our new logo, which we’ve sneaked a peak at, which looks like a tavern sign with all the original elements of our current logo.
  • The overall look is meant to invite people and their friends to come into this tavern, enter into this crazy fairy tale world with these anthromorphic pigs, and join in the fun mayhem that is BaRPiG.
  • We know you’ll see these elements very strongly when we start releasing our new illustrations in the coming weeks.

3. News on Popin’Play event on May 27th

  • Phil went to the location to talk about the event and meet up with Michiel, the organiser and cofounder of Four Horsemen Games.
  • The event once again will be like a mini convention, where game designers from all types of games (Tabletop to digital to mobile to card) can showcase their projects.
  • The location is great; An indoor park that has a almost 70’s ‘groovy’ look, with astrograss, fake trees, and even a fake campfire in the middle.
  • We can’t wait to showcase BaRPiG there, and know it’s going to be a lot of fun!

4. Future Events

  • Part of our launch date is tied in with having the product printed and ready to start touring conventions in the fall of this year. Fall is the busy time for gaming conventions this side of the globe, the big ones for us being Spiel and Spellenspektakel.
  • Relaunch date is crystalising, but isn’t fixed yet as we still rely on Frederick and how much time he needs for his work.
  • Date will be advised by end of the month for sure.
  • We might also be looking at attending PAX Seattle 2017, and are in touch with the organisers. Finances and time off planning will be tricky, but it’s a dream we’d love to part of. So if you’re in Seattle, watch this space!

Open House Livestream #6 is scheduled for next week Thursday, May 11th at 17:00 CET.

Until then, keep questing you fine BaRPiGs

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