Summary of Open House Livestream #4

Here’s a summary of our 4th Open House Livestream, broadcast on 26th April, 2017. You can see the video again on our YouTube channel:
(Video is embedded below).

1. Visual Designer Feedback summary and Update

  • We’re receiving our final replies from solicited artists, and have narrowed down our choice to make a final decision this coming weekend.
  • We’re realising the need to have a designer who also has experience in game design, as that has to tie in seemlessly with great design.
  • The feedback we’ve received from everyone is half/half for the option of partially investing and continuing to invest more later on, or invest all from the start.
  • In the end all feedback focused on the need to have coherent, great art, and because this would be difficult to nail down completely for the semi-investment option, we’ve decided to go all in and get the job done well from the start.
  • To make this financially viable, we need to invest in the production of 2,000 units. We believe enough in our product to go ahead with this. So we’re happy with our decision in the amount to invest.

2. BaRPiG’s Brand Identity Visually Captured

  • A big part of the visual design also includes our identity, being able to translate the fun and enjoyment of the game cohesively into every visual element of the game. Including our logo.
  • It’s a steep learning curve for us, but it’s clear that we need to again refine even further the fun of the game so that it can portray by itself, through the packaging and promotion, without us there to explain those elements.
  • Exciting and confronting times ahead, and we’re eager to go through this step.


3. Our meeting with Robin and Paul from the game, Gang Up!

  • We came to know about the creators of Gang Up! through Friends and Foes game store at Amsterdam, and reached out to them.
  • Yesterday we went to Breda to meet the creators, Robin and Paul.
  • Gang Up! has also attempted on Kickstarter, and relaunched successfully after a failed initial campaign. This was an amazing opportunity for us to talk to them about what they learned, what worked, and what didn’t for them in their relaunch campaign.
  • It was also fun to meet the guys, and play BaRPiG with them. They asked critical questions about our game, which was a great exercise in testing our game, and in the end the game stood up to that and came through! Again, we’re very proud about how rhobust our game is.
  • One of the biggest elements behind their relaunch success was the momentum they got from the followers that stayed with them after their previous campaign. This combined with a lowered target meant they garnered a lot of attention straight off the bat by appearing as a popular campaign.
  • It’s clear to us our decision to lower the goal amount is sound, and we need to ensure that when we relaunch we get an initial surge of pledges that will push us close to, if not past, our funding goal in the early 1-2 days of the campaign.
  • We would be very grateful for your help in this, our followers, and we will ask this from you guys during the relaunch.

4. BaRPiG planned to feature at upcoming event PopinPark (Saturday May 27th)

  • We’ve come in contact with Michiel, who with his brother have set up Four Horseman Games, which create mobile platform games.
  • They’re organising an event on Saturday May 27th, called PopinPlay. It’ll be an event featuring all things start up and gaming, from mobile games, computer and console games, tabletop games, and even hints of a bit of VR making an appearance. Fellow Dutch game developer behind the game Refugio will also be present! Food and drinks will be provided, and it’s held in the indoor park in Amsterdam, PopinPark.
  • More details will follow, but BaRPiG will be there, and the event has been added to our calendar (on our Facebook Page).
  • came to know about the creators of Gang Up! through Friends and Foes game store at Amsterdam, and reached out to them.
  • This will coincide with about the time of our relaunch. That date is still tba.

5. The Relaunch Date

  • We understand many of you are eager for this date, and yes we’re still aiming for the month of May, latest beginning June.
  • We don’t want to rush into this, we want to make sure the product is ready and robust for a relaunch in every way.
  • During this time we’re continuing to generate more followership and garner support from ambassadors and review sites for BaRPiG, to create a splash once we relaunch.
  • Relaunch date details will follow soon, so please bear with us and keep watching this space!

Open House Livestream #5 is scheduled for next week Thursday, May 4th at 21:00 CET.

Until then, keep questing you fine BaRPiGs
~Johno & Phil

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