Summary of Open House Livestream #7

Here is a summary of Open House Livestream #7 broadcast on 22nd May, 2017. You can see the video again on our Youtube Channel: (Video is embedded below).

It’s been a busy week, and we have a lot of news to share as well as our plans into our ramp up period leading up to the launch date.

1. Artwork Update

  • The Character drawings and colorings are coming along. This is a first draft preview, and in the meantime the finalised coloring has been made on several characters. Expect more sneak previews over the coming weeks!
  • Frederick van de Bunt, our artist, also worked together with fellow developpers Black Box Adventures, who have a Kickstarter running right now, Frutti di Mare. Check it out, it’s a (deliciously) great game that takes place on a plate of spaghetti! (also, check out the dutch sign for ‘delicious’, lol!)

2. Kickstarter Campaign Updates

  • With the artwork looking this way, we have a special reveal on our Video regarding the upcoming rewards available int he new campaign. Check out timeframe 3:20.
  • Also we’ve revealed our new reward prices. With better artwork the quality of our game has shot up, and we can now look towards competing with other similarly graphically strong games on the market. Our recommended retail price will be around €25.
  • Early birds will remain at €9, as promised. They will be limited, so grab em when we launch before they’re all gone!
  • Kickstarter packs will then go for €20 each. That’s 20% retail price.
  • We’ve ironed out our stretch goal plans, and will reveal them as we surpass funding and head into that territory. That way we don’t overload the campaign with too much information, and focus on reaching our funding goal first first.
  • This also gives us the opportunity to cater the stretch goals to supporter demands as the campaign goes ahead.
  • We have a great idea for an exclusive reward for our returning backers. We’re finalising this with another party, and will be able to reveal more on this in the coming weeks.
  • We’re open to any ideas you guys might have for stretch goals as well, and look forward to your feedback on our plans so far regarding pricing on the new campaign. Facebook msg, tweet, or email us (

3. New Campaign Marketing Plan 

  • We reveal Phil’s employer, candidly…
  • One of Phil’s ex coworkers is pointing us towards information and sources to restructure and build a new campaign marketing strategy.
  • We’re building an army of ‘ambassadors’ to support our tribal marketing strategy, to have supporters that can help share our new campaign launch with their followers.
  • We admit we’re Ameritrash… HOYAH!
  • If you’d like to help us share the message when we launch, feel free to reach out to us as well!
  • Shout out to our reviewers and helpers so far – we’re going to give them some awesome special content to help garner attention from their followers with our upcoming launch,

3. Upcoming Events

  • Facebook calendar is filling up fast
  • We’ve been at gaming evenings in Utrecht (Utrecht Speelt with Subcultures Game Shop) and Amsterdam (Amsterdam Gaming Group at Robin Food)
  • We also attended Ducosim in Amersfoort, and played 8 games of BaRPiG, garnered loads of e-mail addresses and interest in BaRPiG’s launch. Catharina and Nieke joined me, and we quickly became known as, again, the loudest table in the convention.
  • PopinnPlay at PopinnPark is coming up this Saturday May 27th, another opportunity to try out BaRPiG and meet us, maybe even get a reveal for our new expansion ideas!
  • Super fun event with loads of different types of games from tabletop to mobile to desktop. This is the event hosted by Michiel from Four Horsemen Games
  •  Also, new exclusive… We got a stand at Essen 2017!!!! Expect to see our BaRPiG Corner Pub causing all kinds of chaos! FUN! Phil said Cardboard cutouts, joy!
  • So now we kinda have to publish BaRPiG lol
  • We’re also going to be at Zomerspel in Ghent, details coming up on our Facebook calendar soon!
  • Upcoming events will include cooperations with FunBase, TonTon, and others, so stay tuned!

Open House Livestream #8 summary coming soon!

Until then, keep questing you fine BaRPiGs

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