Summary of Open House Livestream #8

Here is a summary of Open House Livestream #8 broadcast on 1st June, 2017. You can see the video again on our Youtube Channel: (Video is embedded below).

Apologies for the sync problem with the sound – we had issues with the original sound encoding, and had to overlay the sound file from the twitter feed. Live and learn.

1. Update on Artwork

  • Frederick and his wife Rianne have just given birth to their baby daughter! So for the past week he was indisposed somewhat becoming a father.
  • The artwork was still moving along, and we expect a big update coming Tuesday 6th June.

2. Marketing plan

  • We’ve been receiving more help and tips from Phil’s ex-colleague and other friends in the know.
  • Our Press Release has been revamped, and we’re busy editing the details, dotting the i’s.
  • The contacts shortlist is being finalised, and soon we will be contacting various sources for our press release, tailoring the information and exclusives according to their interests.

3. Upcoming Events

  • American Book Center event is planned for tommorow Friday 2nd June, so come drop by!
  • Zomerspel Gaming convention in Gent is planned up for Saturday 17th June, so come join that if you’re in the area!
  • We’re still active with the Utrecht Speelt and Amsterdam Gaming groups, and are open to any more gaming groups that would like to have us drop by! If you’re in Utrecht or Amsterdam, come drop by one of those evenings/afternoons!
  • PopinnPlay recap: That was a lot of fun, some great projects there. Also with the weather so warm, the location proved brilliant to cool off in the afternoon. Here’s a little list of our favourites we came across there:
    • Black Box Adventure’s Frutti di Mare – on Kickstarter and heading towards funding, check em out!
    • Triq Traq – single or multi-player easy and simple app to help you create amazing electronic music tracks! Available at the app store (apple devices only at the moment)
    • Spin Marimba by Four Horsemen Games – an awesome revamp of the classic Pong

4. Interview with Niels, creator of the game Rifugio

…who gave us the idea of cutting the other’s beard, since the size of our beards dictates who gets to wear the dress at events…

Rifugio is a fun 2-4 player game that is a fun strategic hike through the Italian alps. Self published by Niels himself, already sold over 2000 copies, and available now at

Until then, keep questing you fine BaRPiGs

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