The Hangover

Hangover? How could we have a hangover after such a successful launch! What a thrill!

We must have had about 50 people attending our launch party, and not only did we get to welcome many familiar faces from past play tests and events, but we also got to meet so many new people! Shout out to Roberto, who saw our pre-release on Kickstarter and decided to check out the party! And a big shout out to Jeroen, our first official backer on Kickstarter and fellow original BaRPG owner!

We were also the very happy hosts of the guys and girls from Girl Gamer Galaxy as well as the team from Dumee Gamer. Our friends were wonderful in helping out with the fun as well as lending a hand in keeping everyone well fed and watered. Shout out to my mum, brother, and sister who dropped in with the nephews.

It was great after that to see both prototype packs receiving continuous attention at two of the tables, with a waiting list of players. It was equally awesome to watch what BaRPiG newbies stick around for second games and in turn teach new players the game. In fact, if there is a test of the rules durability, it was this evening. I even got a table of 4 brand new players sat with a pack, and after 3 minutes of explanation, the group was off and figuring everything out perfectly. By round 3 (magic number) I saw item cards flying! Rodger from Utrecht was happy to fill in the third table with a couple of rounds of Red Dragon Inn, whilst Phil and I later hunted other tables with players to have a couple of rounds of Cash ‘n Guns.

Just before 8pm we paused all the games and everyone counted down the giant clock we had up on the screen. 8 arrived with an eruption of applause as Phil and I officially launched the Kickstarter campaign. It was great when playing the promo video to watch everyone’s reaction when they saw the suddenly cut to the bacon sizzling away in the frying pan.

Whilst we partied and played games, the Kickstarter funding kept increasing. By 10pm we had breached the €1,000 mark, and had another reason to toast in celebration! All the time the Web Cast was running on our Facebook page, and we had some great shares with friends who couldn’t attend, but did tune in.

TonTon Club was a great host. The bar staff were super helpful, made sure the drinks and food kept coming, and even got into the fun of the event themselves!

By 11:30 things were dying down, and Phil and I could now finally sit down with a group of friends, both old and new, for a game of BaRPiG played with BaRPG rules. Phil won by default (TonTon closes at midnight on a Wednesday, he was level 4 already), and we packed up and headed to a neighbouring bar for a night cap and a celebratory toast.

Conclusion, an unprecendented success and very good forbearer to the success of our campaign!

If you’d like to give us a hand, we’d greatly appreciate it! Share our campaign with your friends, tell em about the game, forward the link to our Kickstarter (, employ a fleet of carrier pigeons!

We’re now busy sending out press releases, updating the campaign page, responding to backers, and doing everything we can to make sure this campaign reaches it’s funding. Next blog will be the promised behind the scenes of the making of the promo video, a great little story in itself.

Until then,
Keep questing you fine BaRPiGs!

~Johno & Phil

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