Tick tock

It’s the final week. The promo video is ready, the Kickstarter page has been submitted for review and approved, and we’ve opened a bank account!

We’re also gathering following for a Thunderclap to really get the ball rolling on March 1st. If you haven’t already, please help support that effort by heading over to http://thndr.me/mM7dH7

All things are coming together finally. Next to this we’ve been tweaking the last bits and pieces on the rules card, as well as finalizing the new Character and Item cards; These will be ready for display at our Kickstarter launch party. Again, details can be found at bit.ly/barpiglaunch

We’re also going to reveal the first 2 out of the 9 character illustrations we have from MJ, and can’t wait to hear what you guys think about her beautiful work. Not being biased or anything 😉

I had a great test game last Monday at the Utrecht Speelt and Subcultures meetup next to the old canal in Utrecht. Phil couldn’t come with unfortunately, he was down with the flu, so I set off after making sure he was comfy and fed for the night. I had a lot of fun watching Ira, Kawire, Likke, Matt, Tijn, and Tom get stuck into each other with a pretty epic round. It was also very rewarding to see the rules and the cards now working perfectly; I dumped the pack infront of them, sat back, and took notes. Within the first round they had the rules down, by the second they were in the hang of things, and by the third the items started flying.

I also one of the cutest ways to play the Weisszard ever. After Ira gave her statements, they all decided to reveal their choice at the same time by showing the number of fingers on their hands, a little like rock – paper – scissors. Ingenious! I love it when we see those kinds of solutions during our games!

All in all a very succesful test, and again got to meet a few friendly faces from the last time we were there. We will also be showcasing and demo-ing the game in the Subcultures game shop on March 11th – More on that in our Facebook events page (www.facebook.com/barpiggame/events)

Saturday saw Lee join us as we headed over to gals and guys at Funbase once again. I can’t get over how much fun that place is! We met up with Bjorn, Manon, Robert, Ryota, Ting, and Xin, and started what to date has been the longest playtest game we’ve had for a long time. Albeit, Lee was Emperor Palpatine-ing everyone which led to the inevitable fun chatter and jokes about that. Best line so far, “Everyone’s Palpatine now… except Japan”, referring to Kyota’s ethnicity, about 1 round before Kyota unleashed his ‘bible’ of item cards against us.

The game also saw me take a legendary dive in the ball pit when Lee, as the Drrmonk, chose one of the ball pit’s blue coloured balls (yes, you read correctly, funbase has a ball pit! Check them out at www.funbase.nl, or their Meetup page). It was all in vain, Robert was behind me, but found a rogue ball hiding behind a plantpot just next to the table we were playing at. I lost the round, happily though.

Again, a great testing day, and again we got to meet some very fun, great people. And again we saw how well BaRPiG works at connecting people and getting them to laugh at the mayhem it creates. Feeling more and more proud about what we’ve created each day.

So, today we’re 3 days away from the launch. We’re excited, noticed yet? Swamping with preparation work has meant this blog came out a little later than I hoped, but we’re keeping the publishing machine going. Next blog we’ll be looking back at our launch, and we’ll finally be able to reveal a few more fun tidbits about the promo video. We’re sure you’re gonna love that when it comes out!

Until then, keeping questing you fine BaRPiGs!



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