The last steps are always the farthest

Journey of a million miles is one thing when you’re taking that first step. See your destination crest the hill at the end of that journey is always a very different one.

Yesterday marked the completion of draft version 1.0 of the Kickstarter campaign page. All the graphics are uploaded, all the text corrected, everything in it’s rightful place, now it’s up to us to run over the details, clean up where necessary, shift around where unsightly, and extrapolate where unclear. It’s given me an intense sense of peace, seeing as this week I had the time to really get stuck into finishing things up.

It looks beautiful. I’m not sure if I can reveal any more sneak previews, we don’t want to give the whole surprise away in one go. Rest assured you’re gonna love it, and really appreciate the time and work we’ve put into our little per project.

Maybe we should’ve gotten a dog instead…?

MJ has submitted the final scans of the full colour characters. They look insanely beautiful. She’s managed to hide elements of their background story and country of origin in their design as well, plus there’s plenty of Easter eggs hidden in them. Pure joy to look at and admire.

Next step towards that is to update the Character cards. If you’re following us on Twitter you’ll see I sneaked a snap of that work in progress. I had a bit of a chuckle when updating the Drrmunk’s card, remembering the number of times people would continuously call him “Dr. Monk” even though we tried writing it down as DrMunk, Drmonk, D(r)monk. Guess the second R was all it took to whack out that automative synaptic response when see the letters D and R together. Once the character illustrations are in there it’ll be even easier for people.

It was a good moment, nostalgic one. Looking back at how much we’ve been working on this, how much BaRPG has grown, evolved into BaRPiG, and how much we have grown and changed along with that as well. It’s been testing at times, and really made us have to make hard decisions and ask difficult questions. In the end, Phil and I can say not only have we grown stronger from it, I think it’s fair to say despite the craziness we would’ve never chosen not to have gone down this path.

We’ve also met so many wonderful people through this process. Many have now become our friends! We’ve also grown closer to our older friends, who again have helped us through the entire process. We both know that without them we would have never made it this far without them either. That in itself is already invaluable reward from doing this.

From March 1st, everything is up to the success of our story and the product. We’ll be promoting it as best we can, playing games with people, going to events, and asking you all to help spread the word. More than that, it’ll be what it is.

Those final steps are always the hardest, but we’ve almost crossed the finish line. Beer and chips next.

Today I turn 35. I might cheat and sneak in those chips a little early to celebrate 😉

Until then, keep questing you fine BaRPiGs, and thank you all again!


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