“The Liver Isn’t The Only Thing That Can Be Vengeful”

First of all, quick shout out to The Writer’s Arena for inviting Phil to participate in their upcoming August challenge. Wish him luck as he gears up for whatever challenges waits. For more information, we encourage you to visit their website.

Speaking of Phil, he is finally feeling much better. As stated before he had recently caught a particular nasty strain of gastro. We’re talking four long days of high fever, stomach pain, and excessive fatigue. As Johno noted, a good way to reduce weight, maybe, but for Phil (blessed by his Shaggy like metabolism) it felt more like he was becoming the perfect embodiment of a low-level dungeon enemy.

Ah well. With that business over, things can now get back on track. So let’s start with some catch-up.

Phil’s time in Belgium was certainly rewarding enough. Starting in Bruges, Phil was given the chance to re-present BaRPG to one of our early play testers, Iris Hoogendam. For our first night, as an employee of the Bauhaus in Bruges, Iris was able to grant Phil a table to demonstrate our product. Between games of football (soccer), Phil was able to demonstrate the game to a group of Australians. The table remained up till about close to midnight. After that Phil packed it in to go meet Lee (his travel companion) who was spending time visiting her friend, Marriaan. The following morning, Marriaan was nice enough to drive Phillip and Lee to Zomerspel in Merelbeke just south of Ghent.


With Zomerpsel being BaRPG’s first convention, we can certainly say that it was quite the learning experience.  Not only did we get the chance to network with the game developers behind Deerlord (from Gent) and Dictators (From near Maastricht), we also managed to have our BaRPG reviewed by local Dutch reviewer Bastiaan from Nox’ Spellenzolder.  Plus by the end of the event, we even managed to get a full table together. I think this was the first time we played with veteran table toppers and let me tell you the results had more cards flying than a training camp for Gambit wannabes.


Today we are hosting our next event at Roest in Amsterdam. This is our first time exploring with Facebook advertising so it will be interesting to see the results. Hopefully we’ll make some new friends to help join our cause. What exactly that cause is, we’ll be sure to fine out…


Till then keep questing you fine drunks.


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