The moment of truth

There’s only so much planning anyone can successfully do without running into error. At least, that’s been in the back of my mind since sending off the designs to the printer for our boxes.

Did we miss something in the dimensions? Is there gonna be enough space inside the boxes? Will they fold closed OK? Will they fold easily?

The moment of truth arrived today.


First thing we did, was pull out the arts and crafts supplies, and started cutting, folding and sticking.


Granted for this VERY FIRST box of BarPG, we’re using normal tape. We’re too eager to head out to the arts supply store just yet, we want to see if the final box works with the contents and all. So for now it’s still gonna look a little bit rougher than when we’ll use double-sided tape and such.


After a bit of reworking a few tabs here and there, seeing where the trouble spots are, we finally had our VERY FIRST OFFICIAL BaRPG BETA BOX READY!!! This is so exciting!!! And thankfully, it all fits beautifully!


Tonight we’re gonna be at a friend’s place for dinner with some of our fellow initial testers. They’re happy to lend a hand in getting the first couple of boxes folded and stuck. Sunday next is gonna be our next big “Boxing Party”, soon to be officially announced. The business cards arrive tommorow afternoon, so it’s looking like shipping for pre-orders will happen Monday next week already!


If you have sent in your details for a pre-order, we’ll get back to you to finalize your details and sort out shipping either by or during the weekend. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, DO SO NOW! We’re amazed at how fast this thing is running, and this will be the only way to ensure you get yourself a pack before the first 200 limited edition betas run out!

Tommorow we’ll share the progress with the first few boxes so far. This is really exciting guys, we’re scarily close to putting this on the market.

Until then,
Keep questing you fine drunks!



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