Our Tale of Production Woes

When it comes to arts and crafts I am not the kind of person who has patience or precision. Growing up, I’ve never been good at colouring between the lines and given enough time I could most likely find a way to accidentally lob off an appendage with the dullest of safety scissors. So when Johno came up with the idea of doing all 200 deck boxes by hand, I was a little more than just apprehensive.

Still, what was our alternative? With the printing company asking for more than what was originally offered (apparently they forgot to include the actually cutting costs) it was either we do it by hand or risk having to raise the price of the entire game. In wanting to keep cost as low as possible, we went ahead and ordered 200 uncut, unfolded deck boxes. Well, looks like arts and crafts and I were going to have make-up real fast.


To help with this task we managed to recruit a group of our friends.  Our first recruitment drive took place during a dinner party which we hijacked into a box folding party. During this event, we were only about one deck box in before I managed to slice my finger with an X-Acto knife. Okay, so maybe I work best in management positions after all…

Luckily, Johno is a machine when it comes to this kind of work, and if he can cut them, and another friend can fold them, and if I only need to stick the sticky bits, well then, we’ve got some production! Looks like this major task won’t be so difficult after all. Still, we only have less than a week before its go time.


On top of this, we’ve had other setbacks as well. After sorting through our cards, we found errors in 33% of our decks.  This meant that we had to go through all 1000+ cards and re-organize them to the best of our ability. Luckily, after the first 20 decks you eventually get a system, and then, in terms of brain power, its robot work from there.

Although, sorting through the cards was certainly a headache, we managed to fix this problem over the course of one evening and an entire afternoon. When we finished the task, both our brains were pretty frazzled, and so we spent the rest of the day going for a walk (training for the 4dagse).

Unfortunately this sorting time stole from our folding time, and so we feel like we may be a bit behind production schedule. Luckily we have enough cards sorted and deck boxes folded that we can still complete our current mailing orders and then some. So please(!!) order your deck now because we are actually ready to start sending some out.


Till then, we’ll be making deck boxes like mad men,

But really…

…Keep Questing You Fine Drunks.

Phil & Johno

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