Uni Night out and Facebook Commercialisation

This week has been a great building up for the busy months ahead. We joined in the Vrij Universiteit’s freshmen intro gaming night at Roest, and had some epic games of BaRPG. It turns out Uni students especially love the evil facets of the Brewid, as we saw the longest 150m dash to the DJ booth ever! Similarly there was an epic PaleAledin non-witch argument given by Abdul, “I’m so sad, I want to be a witch! But Hogwarts won’t even take me! So I can’t be a witch, and I’m really disappointed.”

IMG_20160829_195634Three games and 2 and a half hours later, the hall turned into a major party zone, and our time there with BaRPG was over. We sold packs, got people interested, and even made a new RPG friend! What a great night! Thanks again to Megan and Carly from the VU for having us, and also thanks to Bea at Roest for suggesting us to them.

IMG_20160817_231331On the other side of things, our behind-the-scenes work has finally borne fruit. After much deliberation and work on the giant BaRPG board (on our kitchen cupboards), we finally came up with our advertising tagline for Facebook; “The New Pick-Up and Play Drinking Game taking North America by Storm. Play for Shots and Giggles… Anywhere with your Friends.” Proud? Damn right we are! And since 8pm last night this ad with various photos is making it’s way through the Facebook news feeds of American and Canadian gaming enthusiasts… Yes, we’ve joined the evil league of commercial social media users.

If you’re reading this because of that ad, Welcome! Feel free to e-mail or facebook message us any questions you have, and sign up to our newsletter for the latest…

IMG_20160829_193047OK, enough marketing for now (he says whilst writing a development blog, lol). We’re going to start looking at the final changes for first edition, and for if we hit Kickstarter, also where and how we can produce the cards, expedite them, etc. It’s a big, big, big list. All along we’re going to be checking how our Facebook ads are doing and adjusting them as necessary.

Maybe I should’ve followed my best friend and gone to Uni to study marketing… VU, any spots left? ;-P

Until then, keep questing you fine drunks!




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