Utrecht’s night of BaRPG Madness

Our contact from game’s shop Subcultures, Rodger, smiled widely as he welcomed us into Kopi Susu on the Borneostraat. “I’ve been very curious about your game, I’ve read a lot about it” he said. The cafe was filling up with gamers, and soon tables were covered with Settlers of Catan, Sheriff of Nottingham, and another prototype game The Darken, brought in by fellow game developer Joost.

We found ourselves a table of three intrepid adventurers, and soon Simon, George (read “the Kiwi”), and David were quickly learning the ropes of BaRPG. Three rounds in Simon doomed himself, when his defense to the PaleAleDin was a confidently stated fact that he wasn’t a witch because he could float… “Ducks float too”, David answered, and then everyone else’s defense became “I’m not a witch because I’m not Simon”.

The interesting thing about this evening of BaRPG gaming was that Phil and I trialed something we had been toying with in our minds for the last few weeks. We removed one of the Vengeful Livers from the item deck. The result was a much quicker game, with steadier level progressions and faster use of other vindictive cards.

After our game and a little Cash ‘n Guns distraction our table was approached by Osiris and Anke, interest in the craziness they had seen. Phil and I asked the other three if they were willing to explain the game instead, and David took the lead. We sat by and watched as the group of 5 quickly got settled into a brand new game. After 4 rounds we left them to enjoy BaRPG, whilst Phil went to talk to fellow developer Joost, and I began a game with two other interested players, Wouter and Ayisha. Both BaRPG tables were frequently erupting into laughter soon after, and I saw the best Drmunk chain ever; A series of differently timed and placed claps that continued to escalate ridiculously.

Kopi Susu announced last rounds, and our games came to an end. We handed out business cards, had some finishing chats with everyone, and left the quaint cafe on the street corner of the Borneostraat, reliving the fun tales we had seen as we walked into the cool summer’s dusk.

What’s next? Ton Ton club in Amsterdam can’t wait to host us for their very own BaRPG night on Friday the 29th. Event details are on our Facebook calendar, so come round and experience some crazy fun for yourselves!

In the meanwhile we’re going to be a little quieter than usual. Phil and I are embarking on the Nijmegen 4 Day Marches this coming week. From Tuesday to Friday we’re going to be treading 55km each day for a grand total of 220km. It’s the 100th edition, so a big thing, and with our other two friends we will be raising money for Cancer research. We promise to get back with our tales and updates on BaRPG from next weekend on.

So, until then, keep questing you fine drunks!


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