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This week marked BaRPG’s first jump into the UK market. After meeting with Hugh from Rules of Play in Cardiff, Wales we were invited to showcase BaRPG at one of the shop’s gaming events which took place at The Urban Tap House last Monday.

Finally, we were given the chance to bring BaRPG across the channel and in terms of geek culture there seemed no city more appropriate than Cardiff, which in hosting two major BBC sci-fi series (Torchwood and Doctor Who), has turned itself into a regular geek Mecca. Heck, the city even has the first shrine dedicated to the death of a fictional character: Ianto Jones from Torchwood.


I’ll admit, we too got lured in to experiencing a bit of this culture ourselves at the Doctor Who Experience, which for the record, was way better than anything either of us was expecting.


But before we adventured through time and space, we had the previous night dedicated to introducing BaRPG to the Welsh. All in all we had three games played, two of which were close to being a full table! Not only did we get the chance to meet some great people, but also to see some amazing plays. In my observations I will say this, though the Welsh may not be right for rhyming (Ginstrel power), when it comes down to sieging a castle (Barbarian power)…well that’s when the real dragon starts to come out.

The final game of the night was won by Jonathan. This victorious play involved a chain of items eight cards long! Truly epic.  Whereas, play of the game goes to Phil (another Phil), who charmed (Pintcess power) a lady from Leeds by referring to her as “The Queen of the North.”


All in all, we’re happy with our first visit to the UK. We will certainly make plans to cross the channel again soon. Maybe England? Maybe Scotland? Maybe we’ll head to Ireland (Hi MJ!) Or maybe, just maybe, we’ll head to the sometimes all too overlooked Isle of Man. Who knows!

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